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In 2009, Marcus Dunstan and Patrick Melton introduced us to a new vision of horror; they created an image of a true psychopath. The unique methods and traps of the “The Collector” set new standards for how victims were stalked and killed; people are no longer killed with the slash of a knife, they are now tortured to the point where they beg for death! The first film introduced us to how far “The Collector” was willing to go; He showed no mercy as he changed a family’s home into a death trap. Arkin was introduced as a man who showed no fear; he went face to face with the devil and almost escaped. Although “The Collector” was left as a little bit of a mystery, we learned one thing; he always takes one!

Horror has a new face! ‘The Collection’ takes this story to the next level; The Collector is no longer a mystery and the city is left in panic as they learn about the brutal killings of more than 50 people. At the beginning of the movie we are introduced to the beautiful Elena, played by Emma Fitzpatrick (Social Network, In Time), who has lost her mother and is living with her protective father. The story continues the battle between Arkin and The Collector as he is used as bait during what can only be explained as the most graphic and blood filled scene in movie history. Unlike the original movie which focuses on Josh Stewart’s character; ‘The Collection’ focuses on developing the storyline through The Collector and gives us more of an understanding of who were are dealing with. Marcus Dunstan and Patrick Melton put us right inside the mind of a sadistic serial killer; we enter the mind of The Collector and are stuck in his world throughout the movie. I think we have all been waiting for that one horror icon that could be feared outside of the movie theater; that one man who could be anyone of us. Well, the wait is over; Marcus Dunstan and Patrick Melton do a fantastic job of capturing all the characteristics of a real life psychopath. The constant need to be in control; the way he gets off on watching his victims suffer, and what he ultimately does with his “collection” paints a picture so accurate, that it is truly terrifying to think about. This movie is a roller coaster of blood, guts, terror, and “WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT?!!”

The acting in this movie was amazing; Emma Fitzpatrick did an amazing job of involving the audience by bringing us into the movie and making it feel extremely real. The terror and fear in her eyes is something that cannot be taught; this actress is truly talented!  Josh Stewart’s character continues to be one of the strongest parts in this franchise. Arkin’s long lasting clash with The Collector will go down as one of the best feuds in horror movie history!

4.5/5 (cant beat the original)

Bring everything you’ve got, cause he will cut off your balls and make you eat them!”-Arkin


“Mr Blood”



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I always love when horror movies take on the idea of creating a real life legend; in recent years the horror genre has witnessed the birth of Victor Crowley (Hatchet) and Damien (Madison Country). I recently had the opportunity to watch the trailer for ‘Sledge’ which introduces the legendary story of Adam Lynch, a man, who by every definition is truly insane! A fresh break from your average psychopath, Adam Lynch believes he is living in a movie/video game world; to him, this world was created for sole purpose of crushing the faces of his victims with a sledge hammer. Unlike psycho/sociopaths, the insane do not know right from wrong; they believe that their world and vision is a reality and therefore cannot be reasoned with or stopped. This fearful camp story turns into a reality when a group of your typical horror movie teenagers go to the secluded campground where Adam Lynch lives, without a clue as to what they are in for. One by one the bodies pile up as people begin to fear the name Adam Lynch.

Its all fun and games til someone gets their face smashed in!

Written/Directed by Kristian Hanson

Learn more by visiting SLEDGEmovie or visit Kristian on twitter ‏@CraptasticWritr

“Mr. Blood”

I think we can all agree that the scariest quality when it comes to Michael Myers is the fact that you never heard him talk; he was locked up and did not say a word for 15 years! Throughout John Carpenter’s ‘Halloween’ (1978) you never hear the “boogeyman” say a single word. I think speech brings out an emotion that lacks a certain amount of terror; the fact that we could only hear Michael Myers’ heavy breathing under his mask was one of his most horrific characteristics. We know he is human based on the beginning of the movie; we see him for a split second as a child and the rest is a mystery.

Lets fast forward and take a look at Rob Zombie’s ‘Halloween’ (2007). I think we all can appreciate a unique take on a horror franchise; but what should should be changed and how far should they go? I admit I liked the fact that there was a bit more back story and that we saw Michael in the asylum; however, was giving an in-depth explanation of his childhood a good idea? Did Michael Myers need to display more human characteristics? We already know he is human, and we already know that he heard voices that told him to kill; basically, enough was done throughout the original two movies to tell us exactly what kind of person Michael Myers was. I think Rob Zombie wanted to bring a more realistic view to the audience; but in my opinion, it was just not needed. Serial killers are real, and I think we can all name at least 3 of America’s most notorious serial killers without being able to explain their childhood. But why is that? Well, I think its pretty obvious that everyone is more interested in their heinous crimes than knowing what they had for breakfast. People who study human behavior (like me) care about their childhood, but everyone else just wants death and blood; can we really blame them? Save the human characteristics for the documentaries; Michael Myers had enough to make fans believe this could happen; and we all know that is the most terrifying part of any movie. So, Rob Zombie, did we really need to see Michael as a young boy running like a jackass and crying like a little girl?? NOPE; you could have definitely made a more significant impact by leaving the childhood part out (except for the murders) and just adding the time he spent in the asylum.

Different opinion?? Let me know!

“He had the darkest eyes; the devils eyes”-Dr. Loomis

“Mr. Blood”

1ST PLACE GOES TO KEITH JOHNSTON!! “Guess we were on the same cycle”

2ND PLACE GOES TO Alex DiVincenzo!! “People will go to great lengths to avoid listening  to Justin Bieber”

3RD PLACE GOES TO Stevie Mendoza!! “After all that I still never found my keys”

In order to promote the much anticipated release of ‘The Collection’ I have decided to run another contest! The tickets are on me because I want people to witness the ultimate horror icon continue his carnage! This contest is very simple; take a look at the picture above, think of something funny and original to say, and then email your caption (do not have to put it on the pic) to Me and my partner “Mr. Guts” will review the captions and decide which is the best! 1st place receives two tickets, and 2nd place receives one (make your date pay for his or her own).  All captions must be in by tomorrow night at 6pm central time! Only followers of our account qualify! So have some fun and entertain me!

‘The Collection’ stars Emma Fitzpatrick (Social network, In time) and Josh Stewart (The Collector, Dark Knight Rises, and Criminal Minds)

Directed/Written by Patrick Melton (everything awesome) and Marcus Dunstan (everything legendary).

And the new face of terror (The Collector) is played by the talented Randall Archer.

Movie is released on November 30th- That is 4 days, 4 hours, 56 minutes, and 30 seconds from the time of this post!

“Mr. Blood”

As much as I love the weeks leading up to the release of a much anticipated movie, it also reminds me that the excitement is about to end. At this point I usually have another movie I can begin to look forward to; once ‘Paranormal Activity 4’ was released, I was then able to look forward to the release of ‘The Collection’. With 4 days, 5 hours, 34 minutes, and 30 seconds until the midnight release of ‘The Collection’, I find myself desperately looking for another film so I can begin the count down to another brilliant film.  Of course we have the remake of ‘Carrie”, which definitely has potential, but is not original. However, it does bring more excitement than ‘Texas Chainsaw’, a franchise that has been run into the ground. I am not saying it wont be worth a watch; but it is not something that will be worth a countdown. So as I began to think about a movie I could look forward to, another franchise (that has not been run into the ground) popped into my head. Although we have a ways to go, ‘Hatchet 3’ is going to be a much anticipated film that continues the story of “Victor Crowley”

The ‘Hatchet’ franchise has created a huge following thanks to the talented writing and grotesque imagination of Adam Green. Up til now, the movies have also been directed by Adam Green; however, the third one will be directed by BJ McDonnell, a very talented man with all the potential in the world. I could not be more excited to  see how he handles the challenge of taking over for Adam Green; I know BJ McDonnell welcomes the challenge and has a very bright future in the film industry.

‘Hatchet 3’ Revolves around Marybeth (Danielle Harris) and a search team that enters the swamp haunted by Victor Crowley! Not a whole lot of information has been released, but I can guarantee that a search team = High body count with ridiculous amounts of blood! The film will be released next year and I know there are many fans that are already counting down! BJ McDonnell you are the fucking man and you will bring a unique view to the ‘Hatchet” franchise.



“Mr. Blood”



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CONGRATS TO RACHEL RADFORD (@rowdyr27) and @BOOKSoftheDEAD for winning 2 tickets (each) to see ‘THE COLLECTION’!!! opens November 30th!! THIS IS THE REAL BLACK FRIDAY. Have fun witnessing the new face of terror!

5 days 1 hour 38 minutes and 24 seconds until all hell breaks loose!!