Posted: November 18, 2012 in Reviews!

Let me start out by saying that when ‘Quarantine’ came out in 2008 I was shaking to the core. The effects were so realistic and the acting was phenomenal! I recently gave the sequel, ‘Quarantine 2: Terminal’ a go yesterday on fearnet ondemand. I had such high hopes that this could live up to the original, or at least be a respectable sequel. Well….I was wrong; the sequel for me lacked everything that the original had. It was very slow paced, lacked a lot of good “real” scares that the original had; it also had a very predictable ending. The only thing I found interesting about this film was it made references to the original apartment from quarantine part 1. I hate when sequels do not reference the original movie; might as well be a completely different franchise. Other than that scene, I was really disappointed. I recommend you only watch the original or just stick with the REC franchise, as it is much better. 4/10. The 4 represents the gore and the reference to the first film, which made it possible to tolerate the rest of the movie.

“Mr Guts”

  1. lesslie says:

    I might still give it a shot..I liked ‘Rec’ better than ‘Quarantine’ but ‘Rec 2’ was bad and the 3rd was worse. Now i have to rely on the American versions..hopefully you wont have to say “I told you so”.

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