Posted: November 19, 2012 in Reviews!

‘Chernobyl Diaries’ was a movie that I was expecting to blow me a way, and while it was not horrible by any means, the new standards set by the new generation of young movie fans have caused writers to adapt their visions. By this I mean that the writers of horror movies realize they have very little time to create a story line because they understand movie goers have no patience. The film starts out with 5 tourists (Paul, Chris, Michael, Amanda, Zoe) who meet while preparing to go on an “extreme” tour of the Chernobyl nuclear reactor, led by the crazy tour guide, Uri. While I was watching this movie in the theaters and with my friends, I could sense that they were getting very restless and wanted someone or something to die, and die fast. When first entering Chernobyl, the group tours the former homes of the workers and the area around the plant. The thing I found most disappointing is that there was no lead up to the horror that would eventually leave viewers breathless. At the first night fall, the tour van breaks down and the tourists are stuck in Chernobyl. Eventually the driver decides to get help but gets attacked by animals, which end up being a pack of wild dogs. Chris goes after Uri, only to come back with a horrible wound on his leg. Come day light, 3 of the group members attempt to find Uri, while Zoe stays with Chris. While looking for him, the group runs into a trail of blood, which they obviously follow. They find Uri’s body in one of the underground complexes; they take his gun and just barely escape a group of mutants, which are only shadows at that point. They go back to find that the van has been completely destroyed, with Chris and Zoe nowhere to be found. At this point, all hell breaks loose; while searching for their missing friends, the group goes deeper into Chernobyl and finds more mutants and closed down labs. Without spoiling it too much, two of the members escape but are terribly poisoned by the radiation (not the ending). To me, the ending was predictable; I do not mind that it was predictable, but I think it could have been handled better. So many movies nowadays are 90 minutes long because viewers are just not patient! Movies like ‘The Exorcist’ would never survive in today’s world; this is a classic and very terrifying movie that would never get a chance. I enjoyed the acting; the screams were very real and you could sense the fear in their eyes. There were a few notable scenes that I found terrifying, and would not consider to be cheap scares. I really liked how the director left the mutants to our imagination until the very end; the most terrifying part was not being able to see the creatures. There were times when the screen moved so quickly that all you saw was a quick shadow, which resulted in screams from the crowd and the tourists. I would not define this as a zombie movie; I consider this to be unique all the way until the end (which I will not reveal). This movie had so much potential; as a horror fan I give it a 3.5/5..however, I am going to take into account the fact that the writers knew they could not leave the audience hanging for too long. For this, I give the movie a solid 4/5.

“Mr. Blood”

  1. Denny says:

    Wow, this was actually a pretty professional review! I like how you gave your opinion, but did not spoil the movie for me. I have to admit I am one of those people you need something to happen right away, sorrry! Great stuff!

  2. Da Sanz says:

    still looking forward to seeing it, i agree with you though. horror film makers kinda have to dive right in to keep the audiences engaged and that’s just really too bad. the overall quality of the movie could be compromised doing that. its so hard to find a decent horror movie nowadays

  3. Amanda says:

    Loved your perspective on this review! I haven’t seen the movie, I’ve been hesitant. I know it probably sounds silly, but I thought what happened at Chernobyl was heinous and thought it was bad to make bank on that. However, after reading your review (which was very well written btw) I probably will rent this very soon. I like that the producers/director makes you use your imagination, to me, that’s what makes it an even better movie!

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