Posted: November 20, 2012 in Reviews!

I recently found the time to watch a movie that I have been putting off for a while; in today’s movie world it is really hard to have faith in films that go straight to DVD or have a ridiculous plot! So, with this stuff in mind, I started watching Bait 3D with very low expectations. I figured it was going to be another ‘Shark Night 3D’; which was..well, I do not even want to get into that. My point is that shark movies have gone down-hill since ‘Deep Blue Sea’, especially with all the Syfy movies that insult our intelligence with the horrible acting and special effects (and by special, I mean short bus special). Anyway, I bought the 3D Blu-ray for my 3D T.V; I figured if it was really bad, I could at least be entertained by the 3D. Everything in my body told me this was going to be horrible, but I will honestly admit that I was pleasantly surprised; it was a pretty decent horror flick. Unlike ‘Shark Night 3D’, the special effects and 3d filming were fantastic!!! There were a lot of interesting characters that gave me a reason to watch and actually care about who died. In a fast-paced movie, there was a lot of action and suspense that left you wondering who was going to die, and when. The movie focuses on a group of people who get trapped in a grocery store after a Tsunami hits the coast of Australia; and of course, it is at the same time that sharks begin their migration towards the coast of Australia. So while the group tries to find all survivors and get out of the store, they run into a 12-foot Great White Shark! The movie, stars Xavier Samuel (Twilight saga, ‘The Loved Ones’) as Josh, the lead character and “hero” throughout the movie. Although the realism of this movie is a long shot, I still think it was very well done; I mean, why pay for reality when we live it? It is always fun to see a filmmaker take a risk and have fun with a movie. I would definitely recommend that “shark fans” check this film out; it is no ‘Jaws’ and no shark movie ever will be; However, it was a fun ride filled with a lot of gore and scares! 4/5 stars

“Mr. Guts”

  1. Amanda says:

    my best friend loves shark movies and especially B type movies.. she recently moved in with a friend that has a 3D TV.. I am SO telling her about this movie.. I have a feeling she will love this. On another note.. Deep Blue Sea is one of my favs 😉 I may even watch this movie! lolz!

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