Posted: November 21, 2012 in Reviews!

The film that i decided to review is considered to be one of the most disturbing films of all time. No good came from this movie, and it literally crossed every ethical and moral line; yet, I was still intrigued. If you have not guessed it by now, the film I am referring to is ‘Human Centipede 2 (Full Sequence). The film is directed by Tom Six (‘Human Centipede’ and upcoming ‘Human Centipede 3’). It is one thing to have an imagination and create a controversial film, it is quite another to make one that virtually offends everyone who watches it. The film assumes that the first was a movie; the main character, Martin, who is played by Laurence Harvey (‘Cool as Hell’, ‘Human Centipede 3), is a very disturbed young man (to say the least) who becomes obsessed with ‘The Human Centipede’ movie to the point where he self mutilates and masterbates to the film. Now if you have seen the original human centipede, you might understand the sickness of the film; however, this takes horror to a completely different level; a level that got the movie banned in Australian theaters. Martin works as a security guard who constantly watches ‘Human Centipede’ at work while continuing to self-mutilate; there is a scene that goes above and beyond in an effort to show how disturbed martin is; the writer finds it necessary to show Martin masterbate with sand paper! Martin begins to get bored with fantasizing about ‘The Human Centipede’ and decides he wants to get the ultimate high..the ultimate orgasm! To do this, Martin must top the first film; he decides to put together a 12 person centipede, as if 3 wasn’t enough. I found it interesting that the director chose to film the movie in black and white; I believe he did this to take attention away from the blood and focus on Martin’s character. You know what I lied, they did use one color, which was brown; if you have seen the first movie, I am sure you can figure out its purpose. Other than all the sexual violence and extreme gore, and I mean Extreme! SPOILER ALERT-an example of extreme was when a pregnant woman escapes to a car while giving birth!! Now stay with me, because I am not finished. The pregnant woman is so focused on escaping that she crushes the baby’s skull under the gas pedal! This is the definition of crossing the line; in fact, I think this movie rewrote the book that defines disturbing and controversy! This movie was very well directed and truly pulls you into the life of Martin; I am not exaggerating, this film had a lot of great acting, and I was very impressed with Laurence Harvey’s performance as a mentally disturbed individual! Is he crazy? That is for ‘Psychology and Horror’ to decide! Although this is beyond disturbing, sometimes it is fun to see how far people will go! Movie gets 4/5!

Meet Martin!

“Mr. Guts”

  1. jj says:

    I saw the first and almost threw up! I definitely do not want to see this one!! I do like that you were not afraid to get too graphic!

  2. Da Sanz says:

    i remember watching this one and coming oh so close to turning it off. i can honestly say ive never done that for any other movie before. i can sit through some pretty sick movies but this one for sure crosses every line line you said.

    • It was quite the movie, almost surpassed ‘Martyrs’ as most disturbing movie; well, I guess they cannot be compared considering they are two different levels of disturbing. But yes, crosses the line for sure!

  3. Da Sanz says:

    yeah, martyrs was messed up too, but i think this one surpasses it!

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