Posted: November 25, 2012 in Horror News

In order to promote the much anticipated release of ‘The Collection’ I have decided to run another contest! The tickets are on me because I want people to witness the ultimate horror icon continue his carnage! This contest is very simple; take a look at the picture above, think of something funny and original to say, and then email your caption (do not have to put it on the pic) to Me and my partner “Mr. Guts” will review the captions and decide which is the best! 1st place receives two tickets, and 2nd place receives one (make your date pay for his or her own).  All captions must be in by tomorrow night at 6pm central time! Only followers of our account qualify! So have some fun and entertain me!

‘The Collection’ stars Emma Fitzpatrick (Social network, In time) and Josh Stewart (The Collector, Dark Knight Rises, and Criminal Minds)

Directed/Written by Patrick Melton (everything awesome) and Marcus Dunstan (everything legendary).

And the new face of terror (The Collector) is played by the talented Randall Archer.

Movie is released on November 30th- That is 4 days, 4 hours, 56 minutes, and 30 seconds from the time of this post!

“Mr. Blood”


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