Posted: November 27, 2012 in Horror News

I think we can all agree that the scariest quality when it comes to Michael Myers is the fact that you never heard him talk; he was locked up and did not say a word for 15 years! Throughout John Carpenter’s ‘Halloween’ (1978) you never hear the “boogeyman” say a single word. I think speech brings out an emotion that lacks a certain amount of terror; the fact that we could only hear Michael Myers’ heavy breathing under his mask was one of his most horrific characteristics. We know he is human based on the beginning of the movie; we see him for a split second as a child and the rest is a mystery.

Lets fast forward and take a look at Rob Zombie’s ‘Halloween’ (2007). I think we all can appreciate a unique take on a horror franchise; but what should should be changed and how far should they go? I admit I liked the fact that there was a bit more back story and that we saw Michael in the asylum; however, was giving an in-depth explanation of his childhood a good idea? Did Michael Myers need to display more human characteristics? We already know he is human, and we already know that he heard voices that told him to kill; basically, enough was done throughout the original two movies to tell us exactly what kind of person Michael Myers was. I think Rob Zombie wanted to bring a more realistic view to the audience; but in my opinion, it was just not needed. Serial killers are real, and I think we can all name at least 3 of America’s most notorious serial killers without being able to explain their childhood. But why is that? Well, I think its pretty obvious that everyone is more interested in their heinous crimes than knowing what they had for breakfast. People who study human behavior (like me) care about their childhood, but everyone else just wants death and blood; can we really blame them? Save the human characteristics for the documentaries; Michael Myers had enough to make fans believe this could happen; and we all know that is the most terrifying part of any movie. So, Rob Zombie, did we really need to see Michael as a young boy running like a jackass and crying like a little girl?? NOPE; you could have definitely made a more significant impact by leaving the childhood part out (except for the murders) and just adding the time he spent in the asylum.

Different opinion?? Let me know!

“He had the darkest eyes; the devils eyes”-Dr. Loomis

“Mr. Blood”

  1. Amy says:

    I could not agree more! I do like background, but showing him cry and act like a little kid takes some of the terror away!

  2. I felt the exact same way Michael Myers didn’t need to be humanized. The unknown is far more terrifying. Granted backstory is always good, however, I did not want to empathize with a young Michael myers, and felt the asylum scenes where a little dragged out. I understood what rob zombie was trying to do, but, I like my unstoppable killing machines, soulless and with little to no motive 🙂

  3. Mark A. Forjsberg says:

    I’ll go with keeping it unknown. That keeps it creepy.

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