Posted: November 28, 2012 in Horror News

In 2009, Marcus Dunstan and Patrick Melton introduced us to a new vision of horror; they created an image of a true psychopath. The unique methods and traps of the “The Collector” set new standards for how victims were stalked and killed; people are no longer killed with the slash of a knife, they are now tortured to the point where they beg for death! The first film introduced us to how far “The Collector” was willing to go; He showed no mercy as he changed a family’s home into a death trap. Arkin was introduced as a man who showed no fear; he went face to face with the devil and almost escaped. Although “The Collector” was left as a little bit of a mystery, we learned one thing; he always takes one!

Horror has a new face! ‘The Collection’ takes this story to the next level; The Collector is no longer a mystery and the city is left in panic as they learn about the brutal killings of more than 50 people. At the beginning of the movie we are introduced to the beautiful Elena, played by Emma Fitzpatrick (Social Network, In Time), who has lost her mother and is living with her protective father. The story continues the battle between Arkin and The Collector as he is used as bait during what can only be explained as the most graphic and blood filled scene in movie history. Unlike the original movie which focuses on Josh Stewart’s character; ‘The Collection’ focuses on developing the storyline through The Collector and gives us more of an understanding of who were are dealing with. Marcus Dunstan and Patrick Melton put us right inside the mind of a sadistic serial killer; we enter the mind of The Collector and are stuck in his world throughout the movie. I think we have all been waiting for that one horror icon that could be feared outside of the movie theater; that one man who could be anyone of us. Well, the wait is over; Marcus Dunstan and Patrick Melton do a fantastic job of capturing all the characteristics of a real life psychopath. The constant need to be in control; the way he gets off on watching his victims suffer, and what he ultimately does with his “collection” paints a picture so accurate, that it is truly terrifying to think about. This movie is a roller coaster of blood, guts, terror, and “WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT?!!”

The acting in this movie was amazing; Emma Fitzpatrick did an amazing job of involving the audience by bringing us into the movie and making it feel extremely real. The terror and fear in her eyes is something that cannot be taught; this actress is truly talented!  Josh Stewart’s character continues to be one of the strongest parts in this franchise. Arkin’s long lasting clash with The Collector will go down as one of the best feuds in horror movie history!

4.5/5 (cant beat the original)

Bring everything you’ve got, cause he will cut off your balls and make you eat them!”-Arkin


“Mr Blood”

  1. Mark A. Forjsberg says:

    Sound like the movie to see!

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