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Madison-County-Review  If you’re there, you’re already dead!

Alright everyone, I have been doing a lot of research on what Movies/shows I will be submitting to bloodydisgusting for my Psychology&Horror segment. Everyone has been pretty clear that for this weeks segment they want “Bloodyface” from ‘American Horror Story: Asylum’. Well, everyone knows to give the people what they want so I have started my segment that will be posted later this week. Now, because this show is so popular, I thought I could have some fun with it! I mentioned before that I have been doing research; well, during that I discovered just how brilliant the movie ‘Madison County’ really is! Stick with me, it gets better! I spoke with the Writer and cast members and really got a better idea for what the movie truly represents and what it is trying to accomplish. Because of this, I want to promote and give everyone one an opportunity to watch it again or see it for the first time. Once you see it, you can submit your entry for the ‘Best Caption Contest’ for the picture displayed above. Whoever wins will get their opinion (quote or small paragraph) of “Bloodyface” included in my Psychology&Horror segment that will be posted on bloodydisgusting!! It is a great way to get your voice heard and promote your favorite show!! In return, I will have had the opportunity to promote a movie that i very much enjoy! EMAIL your entries to  Only followers of @MadisonCoFilm and @bloodnguts666 qualify!! ‘Madison County’ is now available on Netlfix! So go ahead and let your imagination roll! Entertain me with a caption and impress me with your opinion of “Bloodyface”.

Please do not post your entries on the site as you will be putting yourself at a disadvantage! People could steal your idea!



Joseph Forsberg (Mr. Blood).


DepressionA condition of mental disturbance, typically with lack of energy and difficulty in maintaining concentration or interest in life.

Abnormal Behavior-behavioral, emotional, or cognitive dysfunctions that are unexpected in their cultural context and associated with personal distress or substantial impairment in functioning.

“Scars only remind us where we have been, they do not have to dictate where we go”-unknown

It is sad that we live in a world where other people judge and define us by our behavior that they deem “abnormal”; social norms tell us how we are supposed to behave and create guidelines as to how we are supposed to act and react in certain situations. People find it is easy to define “abnormal”, but can anyone really define “normal”? Again, it all comes back to how our friends, family, coworkers, and everyone we socialize with views us. Mental illnesses/personality disorders/mood disorders do not define who we are, they simply push us to the point where we either breakdown or overcome all the obstacles set in front of us.

“Whatever doesn’t kill us makes us stronger”- Unknown

Happiness state of well-being characterized by emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy.

I suffer from severe depression and know what it is like to feel down and hopeless; when you are in this state of mind, you become antisocial and people think you are just looking for attention. To be honest, the last thing I want is attention; don’t get me wrong, I want to be recognized for my achievements, but I do not want anyone feeling sorry for me. I have never thought about suicide; I have never crossed the line where I find myself frantically searching for a reason to live. It is a constant struggle though; I like to believe that someday I could be consistently happy, but right now I live off of temporary highs. These temporary highs include watching the Packers play, going to a movie, or even having one night where I can hang with a friend and pretend to that I am normal. I have experienced darkness, but I have not been to hell and back like the people who were kind enough to participate in this article. I go to school, I have a fulltime job, and I am actually in a good place right now; how long will it last? Unfortunately that is something I cannot predict; I could be depressed by the end of this article, but I understand how lucky I am and do not take anything for granted. While looking back at my accomplishments, I also look at all the obstacles I have overcome; and for that, I am stronger.-Joseph Forsberg


possibly suffers from Depression, anxiety, possible PTSD, Survivors guilt.(NOT a diagnosis)

 Why did you start doing it? Were you looking for attention or escape?

Escape. It was a replacement for emotional pain with physical pain because that was easier to handle and took my mind off of all the things I couldn’t stop thinking about
Did you ever see yourself having a future?

Yes, I always did. I am honestly frightened of death and would have never actually wanted to end my life.
When did you first decide that cutting yourself/attempting suicide was the right answer?

I’m not sure when I first decided that it would help but I do remember sitting in my room, listening to music and just randomly deciding that I needed to do something to try and face the emotional pain and then there was a pair of scissors. Still to this day when I hear certain songs I think of those days and what I had to do to try and prove to myself that I could move forward no matter what I put myself through.
How were you able to force your body to withstand the physical pain of cutting yourself?

It was easier to handle than the emotional pain.
How many times did you do it before it started feeling good/ sense of relief?

Once! If it would have never been a sense of relief then I would never have done it more than once.
Do you suffer from chronic or situational depression? What factors in your life contributed to this?

I do suffer from depression and anxiety due to losing two sisters, one when I was 13 and one when I was 19, almost 20. Also since then I’ve had to be the rock of my family because I have dealt with it better than my mom and I put a lot of focus into making sure she is okay and trying to help her move forward with life. It has kind of put my own issues on a back burner which makes the anxiety attacks and things I get worse when they do happen.
Do you feel different than everyone else? Do you feel like you stand out?

I feel like I have something more to live for because of what I’ve been through. I feel like I’m a stronger person now and I don’t feel like anyone really understands the way my mind works when it comes to certain situations like relationships and everyday life. Because It is something I will never be able to explain and actually have someone truly understand, I have to depend on myself for a lot which is hard to do sometimes.
Because of my depression, I always feel self-conscious about myself and feel as though I am on display; do you feel like people are always staring and judging?

I don’t, but that’s only because I put on a good face and hide my real emotions. I have become very good at acting happy even if I am not. The people that really know me when I completely act like myself would never judge me and that is why they know me for me, not just my fake face I put on sometimes.

FACT: Psychoanalytical theory states that suppressed memories from childhood and other traumatic experience can emerge from our subconscious and cause a major crisis!

“With that said, I have had the pleasure of knowing this person for a while and know that she is stronger than what these theories suggest”-Joseph Forsberg

What has helped you through this and what prevented you from taking your own life?

I never wanted to actually take my own life, I just wanted something to let me know I was still here and I could make it through this and I would be okay and being able to deal with that physical pain on cutting myself gave me that hope as weird as that sounds.

I know I have never allowed my mind to go down the dark road, but what was able to pull you back…was it you finally seeing a future for yourself or maybe something like not wanting to abandon your family

I would never be able to abandon my family, my mom and dad mean the world to me and I know they wouldn’t be able to stand it if they lost me and my sisters were my best friends and they would be more than upset if I didn’t move forward and continue living my life exactly the way that I want to and chase all of my dreams.

 ESCAPE; A SENSE OF EUPHORIA– (anonymous Participant)

Because I do not personally know this participant, I did not feel comfortable listing possible diagnosis

 Why did you start doing it? Were you looking for attention or escape?

Mostly attention. You feel so awful, it’s like you want others to take you seriously, but it doesn’t seem like they do. So, if you do something so drastic, maybe they will listen or at least try to understand. On occasions, where I have been serious, I just want to be done. My heart has been broken. My despair so complete, that anything would be better than that pain.

 Did you ever see yourself having a future?


When did you first decide that cutting yourself/attempting suicide was the right answer?

I have always engaged in “self-harm”, even as a child as a way to deal with problems.  But I did not attempt suicide seriously until a few years after my first daughter died. I got to a point where I had been fighting the grief so long that I did not have any hope left. I just wanted it to stop.

How were you able to force your body to stand the physical pain of cutting yourself?

It isn’t painful. It’s a relief. It’s weird.

How many times did you do it before it started feeling good/ sense of relief?

It’s always been that way.

Do you suffer from chronic or situational depression? What factors in your life contributed to this?

Yes. Chronic. I have always reacted to serious crisis by going through a “quick, serious depression- where everything was a major disaster for like 24 hours…” but then I would “buck-up” and fix the issue. But then I lost a child in 2005. Then another in 2011.. This is not something I can “fix”. It’s taken me until May of this year (2012) to finally seek professional help. I have been on medication since 2006, but now I am in therapy as well.

 FACT– Acute onset describes disorders that begin suddenly. Insidious onset describes disorders that develop gradually overtime

Do you feel different than everyone else? Do you feel like you stand out?

I’m more intelligent than the average person and I have done more and accomplished more than most people my age.  I think smart people get bored, look for more stimulation, question more, have more trouble with faith and religion, etc… think too much and get lost in your own head. Ignorance is bliss. lol

Because of my depression, I always feel self-conscious about myself and feel as though I am on display; do you feel like people are always staring and judging?


What has helped you through this and what prevented you from taking your own life?

I’m still in it. I still have one daughter and I won’t leave her.

I know I have never allowed my mind to go down the dark road, but what was able to pull you back…was it you finally seeing a future for yourself or maybe something like not wanting to abandon your family

It’s all the stereotypes you hear. If it was me alone, I wouldn’t be here. It’s very difficult to be inside my head. My mother and I have serious issues, but I simply couldn’t make her feel how I feel by taking my own life. I don’t want to put my daughter through any more trauma, she’s been through more than most people go through in their entire lives. She’s stronger than me and I won’t let her down no matter how bad it gets for me.

Please feel free to add anything you might find important. I will not mention your names and I have not told anyone I will be interviewing you so please be as personal as you can. The point of this article is for suicide awareness.

Don’t tell a depressed person you know how they feel. Don’t feel you have to DO anything. Just BE there. The hardest thing is feeling alone and useless. IMO, the best way to help someone is to show them you care by being there, by listening. Some things are impossible to handle yourself. I know in my case, I really do need professional help, this is not something I can handle alone. I need medication, I need therapy. These things may be necessary for some people and should be encouraged if needed and there’s nothing wrong with getting the help you need.


Very special thanks to the people who chose to participate in this ‘Suicide Awareness’ segment. I feel because of all the violence and death going on, the least we can all do is be there for each other and learn to never judge a book by its cover. These two participants are great people and the one I know personally is fun, active, and has great work ethic; it has truly been a pleasure to know her and I am able to feed off her strength.



Written by Joseph Forsberg


“Mr. Blood”


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i survived btk

“This film brings us back to the harsh reality that we try so hard to escape”-Joe Forsberg

 SEXUAL SADIST-Over a period of at least 6 months, recurrent, intense, sexually arousing sexual fantasies, urges, or behaviors involving sexual acts in which excitement is reached by watching others suffer.

Dennis Rader, also known as “BTK” is responsible for the murders of 10 individuals; his nickname stands for Bind, Torture, and Kill. This man has no soul, no self-conscience, and did not show any remorse for any of his murders. Prior to becoming BTK, he got pleasure from torturing and killing innocent animals; he also obtained S&M magazines and received sexual pleasure when his mom spanked him. Dennis grew up in a healthy home without any signs of abuse; however, he did display signs of sexual deviance. Stealing panties and looking at porn was only the beginning; he had his fantasies and began to peep through windows throughout the neighborhood hoping to see women undress. This act is known as voyeurism and is a sign of a sexual disorder that could escalate very quickly; fantasy, voyeurism, and taking action is the process. The imagination could only take Dennis so far; he needed the reality, he needed to display the characteristics of a sexual sadist. He is known as one of the most brutal serial killers in American history and is defined as a sexual sadist who loved to masturbate prior to his victim’s death. He was even known for dressing up in women’s underwear and hanging himself from a rope in order to experience sexual pleasure; this activity is known as hypoxiphilia. He was an organized killer; these offenders have high level jobs (compliance officer/animal control), usually live with someone (was married), and they are sociopaths who possess the skills necessary to seem perfectly normal. No one would have ever expected that Dennis Rader was pure evil. “If he would have come to our door, I would have told him to come on in”-unidentified friend of Dennis Rader

With this information in mind, I am not here to praise BTK and give him the attention that he wants and craves; instead, I am here to discuss his victims and their survivors.

“If you read much about serial killers they go through what they call different phases, that’s one of the phases they go through, a trolling stage. You’re looking for a victim at that time and you could be trolling for months or years, but once you lock in on a certain person, you become stalking and that might be several of them but you really hone in on that person. They basically become the, that’s the victim. Or that’s what you want the victim.”-BTK

                Death is something we will never get used to; we see it on television and movies; but see it as entertainment and pure fiction. Nothing can prepare us for the real life events that prove that evil exists. The moment you look into the eyes of the family and friends who have lost someone special to them, is the moment you question the existence of god.

                 Marc Levitz’s documentary on the Otero family murders, ‘I Survived BTK’, brings us into the lives of those that survived and fought to overcome the travesty and devastation of seeing their parents, sisters, and brothers taken away from them in an instant; BTK changed their lives without any remorse. This is not a horror movie; however, this film is for horror fans. Unlike prior films, ‘I Survived BTK’ does not use the name BTK for pure entertainment; this documentary brings us back into reality and confirms that pure evil does exist outside the movie theaters. In fact, the documentary I received is the SPECIAL EDITION DVD, which is the only way to truly experience the terror and horrific events that would change the lives of Charlie Otero and his family forever! The UK version was censored due to the grotesque and disturbing footage; the SPECIAL EDITION DVD gives us an extra 1:10 seconds of unique footage that you have to see to believe.

In 1974, 15 year old Charlie Otero woke up and chose to leave for school early that day; as Charlie left for school, he had no idea that he would be seeing his parents and younger siblings for the last time. Upon coming home from school, Charlie heard the words that will haunt him forever. “Charlie come quick, mom and dad are playing a trick on us”– Danny (younger brother). Charlie went into the room only to find that his father was dead; his father’s eyes were bugging out, tongue was partially bitten off, and a belt was wrapped around his neck. Charlie looked at his mother and saw her lying on the bed in her robe; only it was not his mother anymore; she was just a pile of rags that he no longer recognized. She was not the religious, loving parent that raised him. “There is no god, I hate god, and I hate the world”-Charlie. It is clear that Charlie blamed himself; he felt that if he had not left early for school he could have been there and found a way to protect his family and escape from the hands of BTK. The term for the way Charlie was feeling is known as survivor’s guilt and was the result of this traumatic experience that his brain was unable to comprehend properly. Sometimes people do not even realize they are responding this way; they might think this is normal behavior; unfortunately it can lead to seeking revenge and other rash behavior; luckily Charlie did not let BTK get the best of him.

When the police arrived, an officer saw a little boy with a bag around his face; this terrifying image is something he will never forget. Someone took the life of an innocent boy who had no chance of defending himself. This young boy had his life taken away without being able to experience everything life had to offer. The officer went down stairs and found Josephine Otero hanging from her neck; it was clear she was on display for BTK to watch. There was enough semen left on the floor to equal five ejaculations.

Without giving away too much information from this beautifully directed documentary, I must say that I love the fact that this film was was pure cinema verité and was not scripted. The filmmakers just let the victims talk; there is no script for real life, and this demonstrates that perfectly. I think it is important to understand that the intent of this film is not to tell the story of BTK, it is about allowing the audience to see a family come together and show the power of desire and human will. When the filmmakers set out to make this documentary in 2004, they had no idea that the upcoming events would once again change Charlie’s life forever. The tragic events in their lives were not only regarding BTK killings, it was about everything they battled through in order to become normal again, which is all everyone wanted. This film teaches you about the important things in life; there is evil and there is death, but we are the ones that determine the outcome.

If you want an unrealistic slasher film that tries to tell the story of BTK, this movie is not for you. If you want the truth; if you want to see what true pain and agony is, along with how a family comes together at the most difficult time in order to overcome every obstacle, then there is no doubt in my mind that you would enjoy this documentary. I remember when I first received this and read that the budget was only 50K; to me that is a low budget. However, the directing and footage did not reflect the budget, it reflected the passion and motivation of everyone involved. The moment this film started, I had nothing on my mind except for the story that was being told. I was hooked; the emotions and storytelling was phenomenal. If you want a movie that is scarier than any horror movie you could every buy, then this documentary is for you. keep in mind that there is no substitute for reality; real life is the ultimate nightmare; People need to learn that these “humans” exist; there are people who torture simply because they can. Charlie went to hell and back and proved that BTK would not define the rest of his life.

Charlie explains that he watched ‘In Cold Blood’ a few days prior to the incident; the scene in the movie was almost identical to what happened to his family; he remembered his dad saying “thank god nothing like that has happened to us”. It was later revealed that BTK watched the movie several days prior to the killings. I do not believe the two things are related; however, it is an interesting topic for discussion. Notice that I mostly referred to the offender as BTK; I believe giving him a name would make him more human, and that just isn’t right.

“Scars only remind us of where we have been; they do not have to dictate where we are going”

Purchase the Special Edition DVD now!! Includes those bonus features you will not want to miss!!Bonus features include deleted scenes, an update on Charlie Otero, and a Photo Gallery that is not for the weak-hearted!

Deleted ScenesIncludes emotional content of the court proceedings including BTK explaining Otero family murders in full detail! Where he went, how he chose his victims, and what his sexual fantasies were are all answered in this section of the documentary. Extremely emotional, so please prepare yourself!

           Another deleted scene includes the emotional story of Steve Relford; a man who lost his mother at a  young age; she fell victim to BTK. He witnessed the murder of his mother and explains the details of that day; this is something everyone needs to hear! “I tried to untie the rope from my mothers neck, but I couldn’t”- Steve Relford. Steve believes we are products of our environment and explains the psychological effects resulting from this traumatic experience during the documentary.

“No words can describe the emotions felt; I have never cried during a movie/documentary until now. This will put chills down your spine and leave you in tears.”-Joseph Forsberg

PhotoGalleryContains extremely graphic content; this shit will turn you white!


For more information visit   or I Survived BTK Facebook page




Written by Joseph Forsberg


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Ramblings of a Horror Director

Kristian Hanson aka Adam Lynch


Recently I sat down to watch a film that arrived in my mailbox. Like so many others this year, it was none other than a remake of a classic 1980’s film. I will not dive into the title, but I can say one thing, it wasn’t that great. The acting was lackluster even though it had a few stars in the film itself. My ramblings begin with the fact that horror fans scream they don’t want a remake, but they don’t show up or voice their opinion for something fresh and new. Yes, The Collection was a sequel, but it was still something fun that all the horror fans say they are yearning for. How did that film do at the box office you might ask? Well, the opening was garbage, and the studio that carried the film, really dicked them with the November 30th release date of a gory slasher film. This is a movie that should have had a prime release in October or Mid to late September. They placed a lot of marketing for this film, but nobody wants to see a slasher film during the holiday season. In all honesty, The Collection may not have been a perfect movie, but it deserved better than what it got, which was crapped on by the studio and the community that screams they want new blood. I am part of the horror community and paid my money to see the film in theaters, and thoroughly enjoyed it. The deaths were fun and gory, but because nobody showed up to support the film, you will all get coal in your stockings, and by coal I mean another shitty remake of a beloved film that a majority of you will lambast and scream how badly you won’t go see it, but surprisingly when the movie is released, you will dawn your horror shirt from the beloved original just to tear it a new one. Do you think a distribution company cares if you rip the movie apart as long as you pay and they see a $30 million dollar opening? Hell no they don’t. They are about money and right now remakes are bringing in the funds.  So horror fans I am begging you, stop bitching and complaining about remakes and just enjoy them. I know, I bet you thought I would say to stop going and seeing them, but that is not what I am going to say. Go and see the remakes and enjoy them if you can. We have Carrie and Evil Dead coming out soon, but don’t forget the new horror films that pop up. Yes, the PG-13 ones are shitty but sometimes there are gems hidden inside of a low rated horror flick. Also, don’t live within the big studio box! Check your local film festivals and see what is coming your way. Throw your much-earned money to independent horror films because with that money they can continue to make new and fresh ideas. If you don’t, and only throw your money and the remakes that is all you are going to get. You can still go see The Collection and I recommend you do because it is a fun and gory film, with a fun cast and amazing death scenes. Stop bitching their aren’t any good horror movies when there are, you just have to get out of the mind set that everything coming out is a piece of crap when it isn’t. Support Horror films, the Big Studios, the Small Studios, and the Independents. Without you, the horror fiend, Directors like me, who make low budget horror films for people like us, cannot exist. Until next time, get on Netflix and watch some obscure horror film, it could change your life.



We are a product of our environment; psychological defects can be the result of how we grew up and the trauma we experience at a young age.

Borderline Personality Disorder: A condition in which people have long-term patterns of unstable emotions or pure rage, caused by sexual abuse or lack of communications in the household. Their behavior may reflect negative feelings of themselves or others.

Tom Six’s Human Centipede 2 is by far one of the most disturbing movies I have ever seen; yes it has a lot of violence and gore, but the worst part to me is the fact that every single part of Martin’s personality can be diagnosed. His goal throughout this movie is to create a centipede out of 12 random people; to him this would be a beautiful master piece, almost a form of art. Martin, the villain in the film, is not always displaying random behavior; for the most part, he has a reason for every action taken and his personality is influenced by everything that he has had to endure throughout his entire life. This man is not insane; Martin is simply an example of how our environment can create pure evil. When fantasies are no longer an escape from reality, one must create a reality that reflects fantasy.

Martin is a middle aged man who lives with his mother and has a low level job at a parking garage. Although his physical characteristics portray him as an older male, his IQ and lack of vocabulary puts his maturity level around that of an adolescent. The movie and his personality have made it very clear that he has been sexually and verbally abused by his father; victims of sexual abuse have been known to become abusers themselves, especially when the child does not receive proper medical attention. Social bond theory states that outside sources such as teachers, parents, or counselors can prevent violent behavior by reaching out to the victim in need. Unfortunately for Martin, he never had a chance to live a normal life; his father was sent to prison, his mother was verbally abusive and blamed him for everything that went wrong in their lives. With this type of environment, a child has no choice but to separate him-self from the rest of society and create his own little world through fantasies. These fantasies are a friendly form of escape but can easily turn violent as he continues to suppress his traumatizing experiences. After a while, the memories will be drawn out from the unconscious and once again become a reality. Martin’s first sexual experience was being molested by his father so he probably began envisioning himself doing the same to others while in the comfort of his own fantasy. At the age in which this experience first happened, I believe Martin was suffering from Borderline Personality Disorder. His moods and relationships have been unstable and inconsistent, and he clearly has a poor self-image. There is a good chance Martin would have killed himself had he not found an external object to represent his rage and the pain he wanted to inflict on to others; in this case, he found the centipede. Centipedes are known as violent creatures and in Martin’s warped mind it could have been a phallic symbol. People who suffer from this disorder like their privacy but lack the skills to be independent; they have to rely on others whether they like it or not. Notice that Martin relied on his abusive mother for breakfast, dinner, and a place to live.

Borderline Personality Disorder does not lead to the type of behavior Martin displayed throughout the movie; it is more of a starting point that can escalate as his life becomes more depressing and wasteful. First impressions are everything; it is quite possible that Martin associates pain with sexual pleasure as a result of being molested and most likely sodomized. These disorders of sexual arousal are called paraphilias; this means that sexual arousal occurs almost exclusively with the use of inappropriate objects or in the presence of an inappropriate individual. Martin experienced a real life fantasy when he first watched Human Centipede; the pain that was inflicted on the characters as he watched is what truly turned him on. However, watching was not enough, and Martin needed to experience that pain. He wanted to be a part of the movie and tried to duplicate the same level of pain by masturbating with sandpaper; only this was not pain, this was pleasure. People who suffer from sexual disorders tend to compulsively masturbate; because of the objects used, it is likely that Martin’s genitals are mutilated and the ejaculation process is quite painful. His urine is shown as a dark red color so it is possible that his semen is discolored as well. The human centipede became a fetish; Martin used this as hardcore porn, made a scrapbook, and even hid pictures under his mattress. This fetish was too much for Martin to handle; in his mind, creating his own human centipede would be the ultimate high and give him the sexual arousal that fantasies no longer could. At this point, Martin’s sexual disorder has escalated to sexual masochism; this is when someone loves to inflict pain on himself as a way to become aroused or reach a certain high.

Martin is a very unique character; he would not be categorized as a killer because the pain inflicted on his victims was incidental and a necessary to fulfill his fantasy. The violence was a means to an end; he wanted his victims alive in order to successfully create his centipede. Although he killed his mother, he did that out of rage and to defend his obsession with The Human Centipede. Some might consider him to be a sexual sadist, but I do not believe this is the case. He showed no signs of being sexually aroused when becoming violent with his victims; the excitement he did show was when he finally started seeing his fantasy come to life as he began stapling someone’s ass to another person’s mouth. There was a scene where one of the victims died; because of unstable emotions and irrational behavior, Martin started to cry; it was if he started to come back into reality and notice his dream might not come true. This also further indicates that he had no intention of killing his victims. His emotions were fueled by frustration; he knew he could not duplicate what had happened in the first film. Remember that his IQ is very low; he went into this procedure thinking that he could become the doctor that he idolized so much. Martin is the definition of a disorganized asocial offender. He is socially inadequate, unskilled worker, shows poor personal hygiene, and has a very unstable mood. His disturbing and chaotic crime scene shows that he simply does not care about anything else except fulfilling his fantasies.

We have no way of knowing what people are thinking; what we do know is that something could set them off at any time. There is really no way to determine if or when they will break. At some point maybe they will blame the world for their trauma and unfulfilled life; they might take it out on themselves or find pleasure in torturing other people. Martin had a specific agenda because of his film fetish; as I said before, he is very unique and is a great example of how sometimes people can’t distinguish fantasy from reality. As for the rest of these personality types; some are simply here to watch the world burn.

Could Martin be considered a victim? One could argue PTSD, but it is highly unlikely that it could be justified. It is quite clear that Martin is mentally unstable and deserves to be locked away in a mental hospital.

“Stop your crying, your tears only make daddy’s willy harder”

“Mr. Blood”

Sledge2 heads adamvsalex

InsanityThe State of being seriously mentally ill; madness. Behavior that would be considered extremely foolish or irrational. The person involved is not able to determine right from wrong.

 What is it that we expect from horror movies? Critics say they want something original yet criticize a writer for opening up his imagination and taking us into a world we haven’t experienced before. With all of the remakes being filmed, I think society has lost a sense of what it means to be creative and original. A remake is something that we know; it is something that creates a sense of comfort. There is no risk; we already know what to expect and there are no surprises. Once in a while we will experience a unique vision; a movie that introduces us to a whole new generation of horror; a movie that reminds why we love the world of horror.

‘Sledge’ introduces a unique look into the mind of the truly insane, which is something we have not experienced since ‘Psycho’. Adam Lynch redefines the word “insane”; he does not live like the rest of us, he has no conscience, cannot be reasoned with, and will never stop. When dealing with the insane, the only way to stop them is to try and kill them; you can lock someone up and pray that they go away, but true evil never dies. Adam Lynch lives for one thing and one thing only; to eat, sleep and brutally massacre people with his sledge hammer. This is just a game to him; he believes he lives in a game/movie world and therefore has no limits when it comes to hunting innocent people. Adam Lynch will show no mercy. It does not matter if his victims are children, teenagers, or grown-ups; all he wants is to add to his collection. Lynch will bash his victim’s skulls in, watch their brain matter seep out and then rip off their face while listening to the beautiful sound of human flesh tearing apart. He simply sees his victims as a means to an end; his only purpose is to add to his grotesque collection of human faces.

Director/Writer Kristian Hanson has created a film that reminds us that watching horror movies can both a fun and horrifying experience; taking a page from ‘Dead Alive’, Hanson decided to introduce comedy into his own film. ‘Dead Alive’ and ‘Cabin in the Woods’ have really shown audiences how well comedy and horror can go together. So while Adam Lynch will strike fear into the heart of audiences, the overall film will present just as many laughs as it does bloodshed and terror.

When a camping trip full of booze and sex goes terribly wrong, a typical group of teenagers find themselves face to face with evil and begin getting slaughtered in gruesome and hilarious ways. As the heads begin to roll, laughter and terror takes control.

‘Sledge’ is written/directed by Kristian Hanson and John Sovie. This movie stars Dustin Bowman, Stephanie Tupper, Travis Hanson, Desiree Holmes, Russ Matoes, and Kristian Hanson as SLEDGE! 

“Mr. Blood”