Posted: December 6, 2012 in Horror News

Sledge2 heads adamvsalex

InsanityThe State of being seriously mentally ill; madness. Behavior that would be considered extremely foolish or irrational. The person involved is not able to determine right from wrong.

 What is it that we expect from horror movies? Critics say they want something original yet criticize a writer for opening up his imagination and taking us into a world we haven’t experienced before. With all of the remakes being filmed, I think society has lost a sense of what it means to be creative and original. A remake is something that we know; it is something that creates a sense of comfort. There is no risk; we already know what to expect and there are no surprises. Once in a while we will experience a unique vision; a movie that introduces us to a whole new generation of horror; a movie that reminds why we love the world of horror.

‘Sledge’ introduces a unique look into the mind of the truly insane, which is something we have not experienced since ‘Psycho’. Adam Lynch redefines the word “insane”; he does not live like the rest of us, he has no conscience, cannot be reasoned with, and will never stop. When dealing with the insane, the only way to stop them is to try and kill them; you can lock someone up and pray that they go away, but true evil never dies. Adam Lynch lives for one thing and one thing only; to eat, sleep and brutally massacre people with his sledge hammer. This is just a game to him; he believes he lives in a game/movie world and therefore has no limits when it comes to hunting innocent people. Adam Lynch will show no mercy. It does not matter if his victims are children, teenagers, or grown-ups; all he wants is to add to his collection. Lynch will bash his victim’s skulls in, watch their brain matter seep out and then rip off their face while listening to the beautiful sound of human flesh tearing apart. He simply sees his victims as a means to an end; his only purpose is to add to his grotesque collection of human faces.

Director/Writer Kristian Hanson has created a film that reminds us that watching horror movies can both a fun and horrifying experience; taking a page from ‘Dead Alive’, Hanson decided to introduce comedy into his own film. ‘Dead Alive’ and ‘Cabin in the Woods’ have really shown audiences how well comedy and horror can go together. So while Adam Lynch will strike fear into the heart of audiences, the overall film will present just as many laughs as it does bloodshed and terror.

When a camping trip full of booze and sex goes terribly wrong, a typical group of teenagers find themselves face to face with evil and begin getting slaughtered in gruesome and hilarious ways. As the heads begin to roll, laughter and terror takes control.

‘Sledge’ is written/directed by Kristian Hanson and John Sovie. This movie stars Dustin Bowman, Stephanie Tupper, Travis Hanson, Desiree Holmes, Russ Matoes, and Kristian Hanson as SLEDGE! 

“Mr. Blood”


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