Posted: December 13, 2012 in Horror News

Ramblings of a Horror Director

Kristian Hanson aka Adam Lynch


Recently I sat down to watch a film that arrived in my mailbox. Like so many others this year, it was none other than a remake of a classic 1980’s film. I will not dive into the title, but I can say one thing, it wasn’t that great. The acting was lackluster even though it had a few stars in the film itself. My ramblings begin with the fact that horror fans scream they don’t want a remake, but they don’t show up or voice their opinion for something fresh and new. Yes, The Collection was a sequel, but it was still something fun that all the horror fans say they are yearning for. How did that film do at the box office you might ask? Well, the opening was garbage, and the studio that carried the film, really dicked them with the November 30th release date of a gory slasher film. This is a movie that should have had a prime release in October or Mid to late September. They placed a lot of marketing for this film, but nobody wants to see a slasher film during the holiday season. In all honesty, The Collection may not have been a perfect movie, but it deserved better than what it got, which was crapped on by the studio and the community that screams they want new blood. I am part of the horror community and paid my money to see the film in theaters, and thoroughly enjoyed it. The deaths were fun and gory, but because nobody showed up to support the film, you will all get coal in your stockings, and by coal I mean another shitty remake of a beloved film that a majority of you will lambast and scream how badly you won’t go see it, but surprisingly when the movie is released, you will dawn your horror shirt from the beloved original just to tear it a new one. Do you think a distribution company cares if you rip the movie apart as long as you pay and they see a $30 million dollar opening? Hell no they don’t. They are about money and right now remakes are bringing in the funds.  So horror fans I am begging you, stop bitching and complaining about remakes and just enjoy them. I know, I bet you thought I would say to stop going and seeing them, but that is not what I am going to say. Go and see the remakes and enjoy them if you can. We have Carrie and Evil Dead coming out soon, but don’t forget the new horror films that pop up. Yes, the PG-13 ones are shitty but sometimes there are gems hidden inside of a low rated horror flick. Also, don’t live within the big studio box! Check your local film festivals and see what is coming your way. Throw your much-earned money to independent horror films because with that money they can continue to make new and fresh ideas. If you don’t, and only throw your money and the remakes that is all you are going to get. You can still go see The Collection and I recommend you do because it is a fun and gory film, with a fun cast and amazing death scenes. Stop bitching their aren’t any good horror movies when there are, you just have to get out of the mind set that everything coming out is a piece of crap when it isn’t. Support Horror films, the Big Studios, the Small Studios, and the Independents. Without you, the horror fiend, Directors like me, who make low budget horror films for people like us, cannot exist. Until next time, get on Netflix and watch some obscure horror film, it could change your life.




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