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                I am looking to bring the horror movie genre into the real world; people go to horror movies to be entertained and scared, but lose those feelings the minute the credits begin to roll. The problem is that people do not realize how realistic some of these movies are; horror should keep you on the edge of your seat and have an after effect that makes you check your back seat and even sleep with the lights on. Many movies are now taking on the “found footage” approach (Paranormal Activity) in order to try and present horror in a way that make people fear real life. While I do enjoy watching these movies, I always find myself asking “When is the last time I saw a ghost and when is the last time I turned on the TV and watched a documentary about a real serial killer?” The answer is clear! The personality type of these iconic killers in cinema can be real, they can be brought into real life and they can once again do what ‘The Exorcist’ and ‘Jaws’ did to movie viewers. These classics made us question our religion and fear going into the water; it is time to dig them up and bring them back into cinema.

Let us go behind the mask and into the mind of a psychopath

‘Psychology&Horror:Inside the Minds of Cinemas Most Prolific Psychopaths’


Joseph Forsberg



Damien is a product of his environment; he was beaten halfway to hell and left for dead. Another reason for his speech problems could be his facial disfiguration along the jaw and near the vocal cords. In a small town full of hicks and farms, the only thing he could relate to was a pig. The pig mask was not random, that is exactly how Damien sees himself. He kills a pig, slices of its head, removes the insides and wears it as a mask; a mask that covers his face and represents the beast rising from deep inside him. It was only a matter of time before he got the scent of young victims waiting to be killed; although he is a mad dog, he loyal to his town, almost as if they own and control him. Because he trusts no one but his “family” I believe he displays symptoms of a paranoid personality; everyone outside of Madison County is the enemy, they bring nothing but horrible flashbacks of Damien’s brutal beating.


My Profile of Damien characterizes him as a Disorganized Asocial offender; the disorganization not only defines his personality, it defines his overall lifestyle; his home, clothing, and overall demeanor would reflect this type of personality. Damien’s personality, appearance, and lifestyle are completely chaotic and disorderly. The personal characteristics of an Asocial killer helps reinforce the fact that his intelligence is well below average, he is socially inadequate, and has significant personality changes. Damien wonders the woods with no mention of a home; a “man” of his personality would be found living inside the barn we discover halfway through the movie. The beaten down, dusty barn filled with spider webs would be the perfect home. He considers himself to be an outcast; the barn would be the only comforting place for him to be; the only place a beast like him could rest, fantasize, and wait for his next victims. His murders are spontaneous, he never personally moves the bodies, and the victims are unknown; although it is not shown, a man like him might also have sex with the female victims after death. Damien’s style of killing is similar to that of a power/control serial killer; just like an animal hunting his prey, he enjoys the chase and complete domination of his victims. What more power can one have than being in control of life and death? However, unlike a power/control serial killer, Damien does not prolong the deaths and does not get sexual gratification. He simply enjoys the power; he loves to use his hands or a knife to be close enough to feel his victim’s heart stop beating; these type of killers love to strangle in order to feel the ultimate high. Damien has no conscious, this is not catch and release; he is a hunter. When Damien steps into the woods and begins to hunt for his prey, he has no idea who he is after or anything about them. He does not care about their hopes and dreams, goals for the future, or if they have a family. Damien sees his victims as worthless objects; they do not deserve any type of special treatment or human considerations. The 4 unfortunate victims never had a chance; they were defenseless against the 6’7 ravenous beast and were nothing more than faceless strangers.


“When I was younger I grew up in a small town in Arkansas and my grandfather moved to a town in Madison County; when I went there as a kid I would have these weird encounters with people and animals; its just a very weird place, it’s in the middle of nowhere and there is a population of about 200 people. Most of the people that live there are there for a reason and most of the reasons are because they want to be left alone or because they have lived there for so long. The people were very private in their lives and their belongings. When I would go visit, I would go hiking with my dad; we would rarely run into people but when we did, they were always a little nervous and hesitant around us because they didn’t know who we were or where we had come from. I hate saying this, but for lack of a better term, they were always a little paranoid and very hesitant to allow us into their lives. For a long time it was hard to try and break through that and establish a relationship because their families didn’t want people they didn’t know coming around. At a young age that struck me as being a very odd thing. Being that closed off and paranoid, I always found it interesting as to what these people were protecting; they always acted like they had some sort of secret. I think anywhere you grow up there are local legends, folktales, boogeymen and all that sort of thing.  What I wanted to do is try and tell the story; I remember real life incidents of people always being arrested for certain things, whether it was theft or drug smuggling. One of the local names that always came up was a guy named Damien; I never met him, I had never seen him and I don’t think he killed anyone; I just remember him being a local name. Always thought Damien was a weird name; it was a name that just stuck in my head. I basically took what I knew from when I was younger and placed this fictional character into these real life scenarios that could have happened to me and embellished them. Filming this movie where it actually happened to me really made it feel that much more real”-Eric England


Eric England claims he never saw Damien, nor does he think he ever killed anyone. The whole movie was based around a town that he visited throughout his child hood; the people in the movie were extremely realistic based on what Eric experienced as a child. What were those people hiding? Is there really someone capable of these horrible things living in Madison County? There are more than 300 active serial killers in the United states, maybe Madison County is really the home of one of the most sadistic, undiscovered killers.

My book will feature the entire psychological profile and background of Damien Ewell. It will also include much more from Director/Writer Eric England, along with insight from Natalie Scheetz, Ace Marrero, and Matt Mercer.



Joseph Forsberg



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On Tuesday January 15,  you will discover the evil behind the mask; a “sneak peek” at the psychological breakdown of one of the most dangerous serial killers in cinema history. Damien is responsible for at least 33 deaths and he is just beginning; he has your scent, a taste for blood, and he is off his leash.

Prepare for my “Sneak Peek” of the dissection of Damien Ewell by either watching ‘Madison County’ on netflix (instant stream) or purchasing it and supporting this horrifying masterpiece. Director Eric England introduces us to a 6’7 beast that will never stop hunting! Witness The Rise of Evil!

‘Madison County’ Stars Natalie Scheetz (thats right, her name went first) Ace Marrero, Matt Mercer, Colley Bailey, Joanna Sotomura, and last but certainly not least, Katie Stegeman.

I had the chance to interview a number of the cast/crew and I cannot express enough how supportive they were; they are a class act and all have bright futures. I cannot give Eric England enough credit for the amazing job he did writing and directing ‘Madison County’. He is going to be someone great; look for his upcoming films ‘Roadside’ and ‘Contracted’ coming soon!

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Joseph Forsberg


If you’re like me, you are counting the days till ‘Sledge’ comes out, or at least until we find out which film festivals will be screening it. You have read the synopsis and you have visited the ‘Sledge’ website run by directors John Sovie II and Kristian Hanson; I can probably assume that you need something to keep you satisfied until we are introduce to the new generation of terror! The comedy aspect has drawn a lot of attention from fans;  not only is this movie taking us back to the days of 80’s slasher films, it is targeting all the hilarious parts and making a fun filled movie with plenty of laughs and plenty of faces being smashed in! So how do we keep ourselves occupied until the movie comes out?

1.) If any of you read my posts last night you would have seen that I was extremely disappointed when my Green Bay Packers lost; in fact, I requested that the 49ers be sledged! So this got me thinking, how many of you are angry at a certain team, player, artist, or any other celebrity? I know there are plenty of you out there and I would love to know who you would want to see get SLEDGED (and why)! Post your responses on (dont forget to hit “like”). Please note that this is supposed to be fun; please do not make this offensive by using inappropriate language or someone you know personally.

2) I am not sure how many people are aware of this, but Kristian Hanson is also a published writer; his book ‘The Fat Kid’s Revenge: Not for the Weak Hearted or Mature Minded’ will provide you with the laughs and horror that you are waiting for. I have said it before and I will continue to say it, Kristian Hanson is not afraid to go outside of the box  and let his imagination roll; he does not care about critics he only cares about what his fans want and that is why he is able to entertain us and give us everything we crave! I know that whenever I am anticipating the release of a great movie, I always struggle to find something that will entertain me while I wait. This time around is different, pick up a copy of his book while getting ready for ‘Sledge’!



Like me, Joe was that guy who went through High School experiencing everything from the bottom of the pit; everything in High School is a popularity contest and some of us just don’t have the opportunity to climb to the top of the rankings. Joe’s  high school career (not based on my life, thank god!) will be defined by a Prom that he hasn’t found a date to. No date, no money, crappy car, crappier loser friends, all the ingredients of a teenage angst recipe until one night changes Joe’s life forever. A life that has been defined by horror movies, video games and teenage sex fantasies will turn upside down when Joe comes face to face with a ………….werewolf.

Click here to order your own copy-


Joseph Forsberg

While the Director’s and I have not yet discussed a contest for free merchandise, you can get yourself prepared for the new face of terror by voting on the design for ‘Sledge’ shirts!!! I will keep you updated on new items and I will post a contest as soon as we figure out the details! In the mean time, show your support and turn an entire generation of horror fans into “SLEDGEHEADS”!!! Kristian and John value your opinion!!

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PR Director-Joseph Forsberg


While the Director’s and I have not yet discussed a contest for free merchandise, you can get yourself prepared for the new face of terror by voting on the design for ‘Sledge’ shirts!!! I will keep you updated on new items and I will post a contest as soon as we figure out the details! In the mean time, show your support and turn an entire generation of horror fans into “SLEDGEHEADS”!!! Kristian and John value your opinion!!

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Visit now and vote for your favorite design!


PR Director-Joseph Forsberg