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We are a product of our environment; psychological defects can be the result of how we grew up and the trauma we experience at a young age.

Borderline Personality Disorder: A condition in which people have long-term patterns of unstable emotions or pure rage, caused by sexual abuse or lack of communications in the household. Their behavior may reflect negative feelings of themselves or others.

Tom Six’s Human Centipede 2 is by far one of the most disturbing movies I have ever seen; yes it has a lot of violence and gore, but the worst part to me is the fact that every single part of Martin’s personality can be diagnosed. His goal throughout this movie is to create a centipede out of 12 random people; to him this would be a beautiful masterpiece, almost a form of art. Martin, the villain in the film, is not always displaying random behavior; for the most part, he has a reason for every action taken and his personality is influenced by everything that he has had to endure throughout his entire life. This man is not insane; Martin is simply an example of how our environment can create what society views as pure evil. When fantasies are no longer an escape from reality, one must create a reality that reflects fantasy.

Borderline Personality Disorder does not lead to the type of behavior Martin displayed throughout the movie; it is more of a starting point that can escalate as his life becomes more depressing and wasteful. First impressions are everything; it is quite possible that Martin associates pain with sexual pleasure as a result of being molested and most likely sodomized. These disorders of sexual arousal are called paraphilias; this means that sexual arousal occurs almost exclusively with the use of inappropriate objects or in the presence of an inappropriate individual. Martin experienced a real life fantasy when he first watched Human Centipede; the pain that was inflicted on the characters as he watched is what truly turned him on. However, watching was not enough, and Martin needed to experience that pain. He wanted to be a part of the movie and tried to duplicate the same level of pain by masturbating with sandpaper; only this was not pain, this was pleasure. People who suffer from sexual disorders tend to compulsively masturbate; he might masturbate anywhere between 3 to 6 times a day or however many times his body allows. Because of the objects/materials used, it is likely that Martin’s genitals are mutilated and the ejaculation process is quite painful. His urine is shown as a dark red color so it is possible that his semen is discolored as well; this could be the result of sexual abuse (sodomy) or all the trauma from his childhood. The human centipede became a fetish; Martin used this as porn (although it clearly is not), made a scrapbook, and even hid pictures under his mattress. This fetish was too much for Martin to handle; in his mind, creating his own human centipede and making Dr. Heiter (first film) proud would be the ultimate high and give him the sexual arousal that fantasies no longer could. At this point, Martin’s sexual disorder has escalated to sexual masochism; this is when someone loves to inflict pain on himself as a way to become aroused or reach a certain high.


              “There is a difference between what should be filmed and what should be seen”-Laurence Harvey.

            Everyone should have the opportunity to create a film that allows their imagination to run loose; an opportunity to make a unique piece of art. We have full discretion when determining what we watch; if something is offensive, choose not to watch, but don’t make that decision for everyone.

“Martin views Dr. Heiter (First film) as a father figure that he wants to make proud; part of making him proud would be to mirror his actions and complete the ultimate human centipede. The victims represent how others have treated Martin; he sees them as segments of the centipede and nothing more. Martin’s actions mirror his power fantasy; this is not about sex, this is about being powerful and being worthy of following in the footsteps of Dr. Heiter. Martin kills at the end because his victims ruined his “art”. He is very disappointed that Miss Yennie (actress from first movie) does not appreciate everything he has done; he feels betrayed. Martin had this obsession with Miss Yennie and felt she would be happy and proud; he felt they had this special connection. “I love you and there for you are mine” is the mindset of Martin; that is how he views a relationship. This line represents what the majority of pubescent males think. Martin is unusual as his views of sexuality remains ‘fixed’ at this stage”-Laurence Harvey

“The Pain and sexuality link comes from his development in a household where his father’s sexual activity caused him pain. Thus Martin associates adult sexuality with pain located inside his own body. While Martin’s genitals may show signs of damage, they are not permanently deformed by his activities, as we can plainly see. The blood in his urine comes from being kicked in the kidneys; it is the aftermath of the neighbor’s attack on him. Obviously ‘The Human Centipede’ is not porn, but Martin does use it as porn, becoming aroused by Heiter’s masterful imposition of his imagination on others. And by the wonders of successful  (artistic) creation”-Laurence Harvey.

“Tom Six did speak with psychologists but purposely left out a diagnosis; I work with young adults that have disabilities and do not want to exploit them. Martin is a fictional character that does not represent anyone that suffers from a personality disorder or mental disability.”-Laurence Harvey.

 Laurence believes this was all about power while I stated he got sexual pleasure from fulfilling his fantasy. Our views are similar but we have a different theory about his overall mindset. Laurence really looked into the lack of parental guidance and how crucial a father figure is for a young boy; this is something I did not spend much time on, but now realize the importance. Laurence created a complete childhood for Martin, along with other abuse that he probably faced while growing up. I focused on the facts given, but I realize that the untold background is just as important. I could agree that Martin loved the power he felt; the power just contributed to sexual arousal. Sexually motivated crimes are not always about sexual intercourse, they are about any actions that can lead to some sort of sexual high. More differences in our views can be seen in the full article! Was a pleasure working with Laurence; he is extremely intelligent and I learned a lot from him. His experience in the field has made this a great article.

The full interview and article can be seen in my upcoming book ‘Inside the minds of cinemas most horrific Psychopaths’. It is a work in progress but I have had great support from Laurence Harvey (Human Centipede 2) Kristian Hanson (Sledge) and the Cast/Crew of Madison County, Eric England Ace Marrero, Natalie Scheetz, and Matt Mercer! Next “sneak peek” will be dissecting ‘Damien’, the animalistic killer in ‘Madison County’

Would also like to thank @Collector594 and @Silentecko929

All diagnosis are for the specific purpose of relating horror to real life; in no way does this represent anyone that suffers from borderline personality disorder.



Joseph Forsberg

  1. This sneak peak was enlightening, I stand in great anticipation for the full story in your upcoming book. As always PSYCHOLOGY&HORROR does not dissapoint.

  2. Vector Teh says:

    A very deep insight. As a psychology student, this article has helped me a lot in stuff that I did not understand.

  3. chrisdsav says:

    Good Stuff

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