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One puzzle, endless combinations!!!

 On December 21, 2012 the Mayans believed that there would be a transition from one World Age into another; whether we choose to resist or accept the change would determine whether or not the transition will be catastrophic. In 2013, The Pyramid chooses for us!

 ‘The Pyramid’ is an anthological horror movie divided into four horrific tales that are strictly connected to an infernal object: a bizarre pyramid that came into our world to spread madness, death and destruction.  Throughout history, the pyramid was the focus of series of terrifying events that had people questioning their faith. As centuries passed, in order to free the world of pure evil, ancient civilization ensured that The Pyramid became a myth and nothing more. However, evil is rising from where it was buried and is no longer a secret. You can burn it, bury it, and pray that it goes away; but evil never dies.

 Found by chance; an ordinary citizen has no idea the malevolent series of events that the world will now face. The Pyramid is the key to opening the gates of hell; once evil rises there is no stopping its lust for blood, death, and souls. The souls and fear of the innocent empowers this ancient force. Each one of the four chapters contribute  to The Pyramid increasing the punishing forces necessary to cause destruction and once again open the gates of Hell; The Pyramid brings with it demonic forces that walk the earth in order to fulfil the prophecy. The human race has survived the plague, the alignment of the planets, and the Mayan calendar. Do we have the will power to once again survive death and destruction; or will The Pyramid unleash hell upon earth and lead to the apocalypse?

 With unlimited powers and eternal lust for blood, Hell is among us and we are all sinners!

 The TRUE Apocalypse begins 1/??/2013! The human race will face extinction as Hell’s Gates begin to open; Will the world as we know it vanish?

Visualizing Hell on Earth: Five things to know about

‘The Pyramid’

1) ‘THE PYRAMID’ represents the strength and passion of the group of artists that put their heart and soul into creating this movie. The production of this film represents the Italian independent scene; in fact, each individual segment will be filmed in different parts of Italy in order to prove that horror is alive and kicking. Evil exists; its wrath can be felt throughout the country. The ambitious project is born from the collaboration of five young independent Italian directors: Alex Visani, Antonio Zannone, Luca Alessandro and the duo Roberto Albanesi & Simone Chiesa.
Each one of them will give birth to an episode of terror generated by ‘The Pyramid’.

2) The movie was filmed in both English and Italian for the purpose of involving the Italian and international market.

3) The official FACEBOOK page will take you inside all the news surrounding the movie. https://www.facebook.com/thepyramid.themovie

4) “The Pyramid” is a truly passionate tribute to “Hellraiser” (and the infinite genius of Clive Barker) and also to one of the masters of cinema, Mario Bava. I would also like to recognize an underrated and fairly unknown young Italian director of the 90’s, Fabio Salerno. Fabio is responsible for the cult classic “Notte Profonda (Deep Night)”. While I try to take on the visions of other artists,‘The Pyramid’ is unique and creates an identity of its own. There are a lot of horror and gore sub-genres mixed inside “The Pyramid”; I find that bringing all these different aspects to the movie will allow fans of different genres to find something they like. People will find psychological, possession, and supernatural themes when watching this movie; ‘The Pyramid’ even includes scenes that are inspired by cannibal and zombie movies. ‘The Pyramid’ will bring the audience inside; allowing them to experience the apocalypse!

5) “The Pyramid” is an independent and “low budget” horror film. The budget for ‘The Pyramid’ is estimated around about 50.000 euros but we made it in co-production with a lot of professionals (fx artists, 3d animators, cinematographers, musicians and technicians) so we were able to contain a lot of high additive costs.

The Pyramid is produced by my own company:  Empire Video.


  1. Gorror says:

    So I just watched the trailer and read everything…… first question lol: Your production company is the one making this video????

    Hellraiser is still to this day one of the most fucked up movies I’ve ever seen. The gore is INTENSE and still haunts me to this day, I think the first time I saw the movie (or at least bits and pieces I was able to watch) I was probably 10 or something. This looks like a cool concept. To be honest I’m not a fan of low-budget films. I’m a huge snob and really enjoy movies of high production value. I’m looking forward to watching it though because I love compilation films (I have the shortest attention span ever) and like I said Hellraiser and any type of tribute to it sounds great to me, not many films touch upon subjects like these.

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