Posted: January 12, 2013 in Horror News



‘Sledge’ introduces a new legend; a classic campfire story that will become the new face of terror! Heads will roll from beginning to end with skull crushing deaths that will leave you begging for more. This film puts an end to remakes and introduces the new standards for originality and humor in a slasher film. Adam Lynch is completely different than any other killer that has been introduced into the horror genre; some killers are pure psychopaths, some are out for revenge, and some are the living dead who will never stop. Adam Lynch is motivated by insanity; this man is the only killer in cinema who is unable to distinguish reality from fantasy. Lynch believes he lives in a movie and video game world where people are there for the main purpose of killing; they are objects that he simply adds to his collection. Although this sounds like a bizarre vision for a serial killer, the movie is giving the fans what they want, which is fun, scares, and originality. Sex, drugs, alcohol, and teenagers are all the ingredients needed for a fun filled slasher film. Adam Lynch is an old legend that the teenagers talk about as they enter a secluded campground for a good time; a night of sex, drugs, and alcohol will not be worth the nightmare they face the next day. One by one the teenagers are stalked and killed in the most heinous, gruesome, and hilarious ways; blood will be shed and heads will fly; so make sure you have an extra pair of underwear, cause you will not want to miss this!


Very few films allow you to become a part of the movie and feel as though you are appreciated as a fan. Well, this is not the case when it comes to the upcoming movie ‘Sledge’. Director’s Kristian Hanson and John Sovie II understand the importance of fans, and realize that entertaining fans is the only motivation for making movies. Of course writers and directors are talented and share their visions with the world; they deserve credit for putting themselves out there and withstanding the criticism until they find the right kind of audience that truly appreciates everything they bring to cinema. But understand this, without fans, the film industry would be nothing! In order to create a film entirely for the fans, you have to be willing to take a risk, you have to be willing to go outside the lines and just have fun. Forget about what other people think and just focus on what your fan base wants, because that is truly what it is all about. It’s not just about the Money, John and Kristian love to keep in contact with fans and get their feedback; they want to ensure everyone is having a good time. Fame is about honoring your fan base and keeping in touch with the public.

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PR Director-Joseph Forsberg


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