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When I saw ‘Madison County’ I was so impressed with how Eric England was able to take a small budget and make it so much bigger by using his imagination and creativity. Damien Ewell a horror icon that will be remembered for a long time; his unique characteristics separate him from some of the other killers seen in horror films.

After seeing a film like this, I always wonder if the director/writer will be able to do it again. Although I have not seen ‘Roadside’ yet, there is something about Eric’s style that immediately catches my eye and brings me into the film. I just discovered the trailer for ‘Roadside’ today and I have watched it 15 times.

Synopsis- Dan Summers and his pregnant wife, Mindy, fight for their lives when they are held hostage in their car by an unseen gunman on the side of a desolate mountain road.

The synopsis seems simple, it is one of those movies that you expect to last 15 minutes or get old very fast; this kind of takes the ‘ATM’ approach but I feel as though there will be more character development that will make us care about the main characters, Dan Summers (Ace Marrero) and Mindy Summers (Katie Stegeman). The trailer itself makes this look incredibly intense; I could have not read the synopsis and still wanna see it just because the style of the trailer pulls me in. Now I might be bias, but I already care about Dan and Mindy; they obviously cant die. I could have cared less about who died in ATM, but I admit it was a fun movie that kept me entertained. With that said, the biggest problem I had with ATM is that i could not relate to the characters or the situation; I have never been stuck inside an ATM building (forget what they are called). However, I think we can all relate to being stuck on the road, whether it was with a flat tire or car accident; even if you haven’t, it is a very realistic scenario. To not be able to control your own fate is scary as hell; I mean, they should be able to leave, but cant. This is a sociopath’s dream.

Eric England has the potential to redefine horror; it could be with ‘Roadside’, ‘Contracted’, or a Madison County sequel. I encourage everyone to watch ‘Madison County’ again; look beyond the obvious, and focus on the creativity, imagination, and great direction from Eric England. I cannot wait to see his new movies; I honestly believe he is something special.






Joseph Forsberg


sledge poster  interview by Patrick Hannan

1. Where did you get the idea for sledge, and Adam lynch?

It came to me when I was driving with my wife. She said “Why don’t we film a movie where John (our co-director) lives and go up there to film it. Adam Lynch himself came from sitting down and writing the script itself. I wanted to make my own slasher that was different and that people would enjoy, and voila, Adam was born.

2.   Do you think that 80s slashers are starting to come back and be more popular?

I think so. People always talk about the good old times of 80’s horror films. Instead of dwelling on the 80’s we should start our own era of slashers that we can get behind now. I will always love Freddy, Jason, Michael etc but I think its time to make new icons like Adam Green did with Victor Crowley.

3.   I love the originality of the mask, where did the idea come from?

The mask was a concept I thought of, but Monster Matt Patterson made it his own. I told him my basic idea, and he ran with it and made it into what it is. Without his help, the mask would not be as cool as it is.

4.   Do you plan on turning sledge into a franchise?

I would love to do another Sledge movie with Adam Lynch. There is so much I could do with that character because he is just so much fun. He is psychotic and thinks he is in a video game or movie, so we could take it to another level with crazy deaths etc.

5.   What is your advice to people with ideas who want to bring their dream film to life?

If you have an idea just sit down and write it. Download a script writing software and just start writing. Don’t edit the thing yourself, just write until you are done then have someone else help you edit it. Next, if you don’t have the money to buy the equipment, RENT IT! By renting it, you save money that you could use for post production or on the film itself. Don’t let people say you cant do something, because the only person stopping you, is yourself.

6.   Any future projects you can share?

Not right now honestly. We are full speed ahead on Sledge. I have six or seven other scripts I want to make, but nothing to share at this time.

7.   What gave you the idea to for the killer Adam lynch to have a voice in this film?

I am tired of seeing the same old slasher and killer. The guy wearing a mask who doesn’t talk and seems to be a brooding monster. Well, I play Adam and I am only 5’10 and compared to everyone else on set (guy wise) I was short. So I wanted him to be his own character, and yes we will do some of the famous “behind the person scenes” but it is the humor that will attract people to Adam Lynch and his deadly sledge and knife wielding abilities.

8.   A lot of horror tends to have a serious tone, why did you choose to make this part comedy?

I am a huge fan of comedies and I wanted this to once again be something fun and different. One of my favorite recent films is Tucker and Dale Vs. Evil, a very underrated horror comedy film. It shows you that you can have fun with a horror film and still be considered a horror film.

9.   Do you have a favorite horror film or villian in horror?

Favorite horror film is An American Werewolf in London followed by Jaws. When it comes to horror villains I would say Michael Myers and Freddy Krueger. I love the overall concept of Michael and Freddy’s humor in the later films is awesome.

10. Will we be seeing Adam lynch with his mask on the whole film? Any backstory revealed on his madness?

He will not be showing his face without the mask and I never intend to do that. I think it keeps his anti-hero status where it needs to be. He believes he is a super-hero of sorts, and a super-hero never reveals who he is to anyone. Well, when they do show their face to that person, they tend to die.

11. Would love to get my hands on his mask, any plans for selling in the future?

We have discussed with Matt to makes masks for sale, but right now we won’t be selling any of them. Hopefully in the future though.

12. Is there an official site for the sledge movie?

Right now there is one being made that we will launch soon with all the merchandise available to buy directly from us. The site will be selling posters, t-shirts and some other fun stuff that I will wait to reveal when the site is up and running. The site will be and you can like us on Facebook right now at The sledge site will be the place to go for updated information on film festivals and set pictures, videos etc.


“Kristian Hanson is one of the greatest guys I have ever met; he is truly inspiring and will always tell you to follow your dream and always think positive. Without him, there would be no Psychology&Horror an that is something I have had a lot of fun with and hope will be successful. Kristian has a wild imagination and I honestly have no idea where he comes up with half of this shit…but it is fuckin brilliant! GET READY FOR SLEDGE!!”-Joe Forsberg


Patrick Hannan.