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i survived btk

“This film brings us back to the harsh reality that we try so hard to escape”-Joe Forsberg

 SEXUAL SADIST-Over a period of at least 6 months, recurrent, intense, sexually arousing sexual fantasies, urges, or behaviors involving sexual acts in which excitement is reached by watching others suffer.

Dennis Rader, also known as “BTK” is responsible for the murders of 10 individuals; his nickname stands for Bind, Torture, and Kill. This man has no soul, no self-conscience, and did not show any remorse for any of his murders. Prior to becoming BTK, he got pleasure from torturing and killing innocent animals; he also obtained S&M magazines and received sexual pleasure when his mom spanked him. Dennis grew up in a healthy home without any signs of abuse; however, he did display signs of sexual deviance. Stealing panties and looking at porn was only the beginning; he had his fantasies and began to peep through windows throughout the neighborhood hoping to see women undress. This act is known as voyeurism and is a sign of a sexual disorder that could escalate very quickly; fantasy, voyeurism, and taking action is the process. The imagination could only take Dennis so far; he needed the reality, he needed to display the characteristics of a sexual sadist. He is known as one of the most brutal serial killers in American history and is defined as a sexual sadist who loved to masturbate prior to his victim’s death. He was even known for dressing up in women’s underwear and hanging himself from a rope in order to experience sexual pleasure; this activity is known as hypoxiphilia. He was an organized killer; these offenders have high level jobs (compliance officer/animal control), usually live with someone (was married), and they are sociopaths who possess the skills necessary to seem perfectly normal. No one would have ever expected that Dennis Rader was pure evil. “If he would have come to our door, I would have told him to come on in”-unidentified friend of Dennis Rader

With this information in mind, I am not here to praise BTK and give him the attention that he wants and craves; instead, I am here to discuss his victims and their survivors.

“If you read much about serial killers they go through what they call different phases, that’s one of the phases they go through, a trolling stage. You’re looking for a victim at that time and you could be trolling for months or years, but once you lock in on a certain person, you become stalking and that might be several of them but you really hone in on that person. They basically become the, that’s the victim. Or that’s what you want the victim.”-BTK

                Death is something we will never get used to; we see it on television and movies; but see it as entertainment and pure fiction. Nothing can prepare us for the real life events that prove that evil exists. The moment you look into the eyes of the family and friends who have lost someone special to them, is the moment you question the existence of god.

                 Marc Levitz’s documentary on the Otero family murders, ‘I Survived BTK’, brings us into the lives of those that survived and fought to overcome the travesty and devastation of seeing their parents, sisters, and brothers taken away from them in an instant; BTK changed their lives without any remorse. This is not a horror movie; however, this film is for horror fans. Unlike prior films, ‘I Survived BTK’ does not use the name BTK for pure entertainment; this documentary brings us back into reality and confirms that pure evil does exist outside the movie theaters. In fact, the documentary I received is the SPECIAL EDITION DVD, which is the only way to truly experience the terror and horrific events that would change the lives of Charlie Otero and his family forever! The UK version was censored due to the grotesque and disturbing footage; the SPECIAL EDITION DVD gives us an extra 1:10 seconds of unique footage that you have to see to believe.

In 1974, 15 year old Charlie Otero woke up and chose to leave for school early that day; as Charlie left for school, he had no idea that he would be seeing his parents and younger siblings for the last time. Upon coming home from school, Charlie heard the words that will haunt him forever. “Charlie come quick, mom and dad are playing a trick on us”– Danny (younger brother). Charlie went into the room only to find that his father was dead; his father’s eyes were bugging out, tongue was partially bitten off, and a belt was wrapped around his neck. Charlie looked at his mother and saw her lying on the bed in her robe; only it was not his mother anymore; she was just a pile of rags that he no longer recognized. She was not the religious, loving parent that raised him. “There is no god, I hate god, and I hate the world”-Charlie. It is clear that Charlie blamed himself; he felt that if he had not left early for school he could have been there and found a way to protect his family and escape from the hands of BTK. The term for the way Charlie was feeling is known as survivor’s guilt and was the result of this traumatic experience that his brain was unable to comprehend properly. Sometimes people do not even realize they are responding this way; they might think this is normal behavior; unfortunately it can lead to seeking revenge and other rash behavior; luckily Charlie did not let BTK get the best of him.

When the police arrived, an officer saw a little boy with a bag around his face; this terrifying image is something he will never forget. Someone took the life of an innocent boy who had no chance of defending himself. This young boy had his life taken away without being able to experience everything life had to offer. The officer went down stairs and found Josephine Otero hanging from her neck; it was clear she was on display for BTK to watch. There was enough semen left on the floor to equal five ejaculations.

Without giving away too much information from this beautifully directed documentary, I must say that I love the fact that this film was was pure cinema verité and was not scripted. The filmmakers just let the victims talk; there is no script for real life, and this demonstrates that perfectly. I think it is important to understand that the intent of this film is not to tell the story of BTK, it is about allowing the audience to see a family come together and show the power of desire and human will. When the filmmakers set out to make this documentary in 2004, they had no idea that the upcoming events would once again change Charlie’s life forever. The tragic events in their lives were not only regarding BTK killings, it was about everything they battled through in order to become normal again, which is all everyone wanted. This film teaches you about the important things in life; there is evil and there is death, but we are the ones that determine the outcome.

If you want an unrealistic slasher film that tries to tell the story of BTK, this movie is not for you. If you want the truth; if you want to see what true pain and agony is, along with how a family comes together at the most difficult time in order to overcome every obstacle, then there is no doubt in my mind that you would enjoy this documentary. I remember when I first received this and read that the budget was only 50K; to me that is a low budget. However, the directing and footage did not reflect the budget, it reflected the passion and motivation of everyone involved. The moment this film started, I had nothing on my mind except for the story that was being told. I was hooked; the emotions and storytelling was phenomenal. If you want a movie that is scarier than any horror movie you could every buy, then this documentary is for you. keep in mind that there is no substitute for reality; real life is the ultimate nightmare; People need to learn that these “humans” exist; there are people who torture simply because they can. Charlie went to hell and back and proved that BTK would not define the rest of his life.

Charlie explains that he watched ‘In Cold Blood’ a few days prior to the incident; the scene in the movie was almost identical to what happened to his family; he remembered his dad saying “thank god nothing like that has happened to us”. It was later revealed that BTK watched the movie several days prior to the killings. I do not believe the two things are related; however, it is an interesting topic for discussion. Notice that I mostly referred to the offender as BTK; I believe giving him a name would make him more human, and that just isn’t right.

“Scars only remind us of where we have been; they do not have to dictate where we are going”

Purchase the Special Edition DVD now!! Includes those bonus features you will not want to miss!!Bonus features include deleted scenes, an update on Charlie Otero, and a Photo Gallery that is not for the weak-hearted!

Deleted ScenesIncludes emotional content of the court proceedings including BTK explaining Otero family murders in full detail! Where he went, how he chose his victims, and what his sexual fantasies were are all answered in this section of the documentary. Extremely emotional, so please prepare yourself!

           Another deleted scene includes the emotional story of Steve Relford; a man who lost his mother at a  young age; she fell victim to BTK. He witnessed the murder of his mother and explains the details of that day; this is something everyone needs to hear! “I tried to untie the rope from my mothers neck, but I couldn’t”- Steve Relford. Steve believes we are products of our environment and explains the psychological effects resulting from this traumatic experience during the documentary.

“No words can describe the emotions felt; I have never cried during a movie/documentary until now. This will put chills down your spine and leave you in tears.”-Joseph Forsberg

PhotoGalleryContains extremely graphic content; this shit will turn you white!


For more information visit   or I Survived BTK Facebook page




Written by Joseph Forsberg



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I always love when horror movies take on the idea of creating a real life legend; in recent years the horror genre has witnessed the birth of Victor Crowley (Hatchet) and Damien (Madison Country). I recently had the opportunity to watch the trailer for ‘Sledge’ which introduces the legendary story of Adam Lynch, a man, who by every definition is truly insane! A fresh break from your average psychopath, Adam Lynch believes he is living in a movie/video game world; to him, this world was created for sole purpose of crushing the faces of his victims with a sledge hammer. Unlike psycho/sociopaths, the insane do not know right from wrong; they believe that their world and vision is a reality and therefore cannot be reasoned with or stopped. This fearful camp story turns into a reality when a group of your typical horror movie teenagers go to the secluded campground where Adam Lynch lives, without a clue as to what they are in for. One by one the bodies pile up as people begin to fear the name Adam Lynch.

Its all fun and games til someone gets their face smashed in!

Written/Directed by Kristian Hanson

Learn more by visiting SLEDGEmovie or visit Kristian on twitter ‏@CraptasticWritr

“Mr. Blood”

So there are a few movies that are coming out that we want to talk about; they are ‘Insidious Chapter 2’ ‘Texas Chainsaw’ and ‘Paranormal activity 5’. Today I will be discussing ‘Insidious Chapter 2’ and “Mr. Guts” will continue with the list tomorrow!

Insidious was written by Leigh Whannell (Saw) and directed by James Wan (Dead Silence). I must say that I am a huge fan of the first film; there are plenty of scenes that had the potential to make someone piss themselves(baby monitor noise, figure behind the curtain, Alarm going off, or the demon behind Patrick Wilson), and the music was just straight up creepy! The first half was genius; every five minutes there was something that made me jump and I cannot name another movie that has done that to me. A lot of people did not like the second half of the movie because it went  from “realistic”, to “no way in hell would that ever happen”. Personally I think anything is possible and that is why I love when writers let loose! I disagree with critics on the second half; why would we pay money to see reality if we live it everyday? The point of making a film is to unleash a vision and let your imagination fly. When they went after the child  it reminded me of ‘Poltergeist’. However, unlike ‘Poltergeist’, the writers had enough imagination to actually create the world where the child was being held captive. They referred to this world as “The Further”; perfect! I could not think of a better way of ending the movie. Yes, sometimes things are better left to the imagination of the audience, but I felt it was very well done and very appropriate for this particular movie. I always ask people how they would have liked it to end and they never have a response! I mean, what would you have liked James Wan and Leigh Whannell to do at this point? Maybe have the Ghostbusters bust in?? Or Maybe hire an exorcist? If you don’t like the  movie, why don’t you remake it(Please don’t); if you’re not going to do anything about it, then I suggest you shut the fuck up! At this point there is no real news about the sequel except that it will be released next fall. I really cannot wait; the original is one of the few movies that actually scares me!! And when I say scares me, I mean it makes me scream like a little girl! With the way the movie ended, people wonder where Wan and Whannell can go; my guess is that there is always room to go a little FURTHER!
“Mr. Blood”

The film that i decided to review is considered to be one of the most disturbing films of all time. No good came from this movie, and it literally crossed every ethical and moral line; yet, I was still intrigued. If you have not guessed it by now, the film I am referring to is ‘Human Centipede 2 (Full Sequence). The film is directed by Tom Six (‘Human Centipede’ and upcoming ‘Human Centipede 3’). It is one thing to have an imagination and create a controversial film, it is quite another to make one that virtually offends everyone who watches it. The film assumes that the first was a movie; the main character, Martin, who is played by Laurence Harvey (‘Cool as Hell’, ‘Human Centipede 3), is a very disturbed young man (to say the least) who becomes obsessed with ‘The Human Centipede’ movie to the point where he self mutilates and masterbates to the film. Now if you have seen the original human centipede, you might understand the sickness of the film; however, this takes horror to a completely different level; a level that got the movie banned in Australian theaters. Martin works as a security guard who constantly watches ‘Human Centipede’ at work while continuing to self-mutilate; there is a scene that goes above and beyond in an effort to show how disturbed martin is; the writer finds it necessary to show Martin masterbate with sand paper! Martin begins to get bored with fantasizing about ‘The Human Centipede’ and decides he wants to get the ultimate high..the ultimate orgasm! To do this, Martin must top the first film; he decides to put together a 12 person centipede, as if 3 wasn’t enough. I found it interesting that the director chose to film the movie in black and white; I believe he did this to take attention away from the blood and focus on Martin’s character. You know what I lied, they did use one color, which was brown; if you have seen the first movie, I am sure you can figure out its purpose. Other than all the sexual violence and extreme gore, and I mean Extreme! SPOILER ALERT-an example of extreme was when a pregnant woman escapes to a car while giving birth!! Now stay with me, because I am not finished. The pregnant woman is so focused on escaping that she crushes the baby’s skull under the gas pedal! This is the definition of crossing the line; in fact, I think this movie rewrote the book that defines disturbing and controversy! This movie was very well directed and truly pulls you into the life of Martin; I am not exaggerating, this film had a lot of great acting, and I was very impressed with Laurence Harvey’s performance as a mentally disturbed individual! Is he crazy? That is for ‘Psychology and Horror’ to decide! Although this is beyond disturbing, sometimes it is fun to see how far people will go! Movie gets 4/5!

Meet Martin!

“Mr. Guts”


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I recently found the time to watch a movie that I have been putting off for a while; in today’s movie world it is really hard to have faith in films that go straight to DVD or have a ridiculous plot! So, with this stuff in mind, I started watching Bait 3D with very low expectations. I figured it was going to be another ‘Shark Night 3D’; which was..well, I do not even want to get into that. My point is that shark movies have gone down-hill since ‘Deep Blue Sea’, especially with all the Syfy movies that insult our intelligence with the horrible acting and special effects (and by special, I mean short bus special). Anyway, I bought the 3D Blu-ray for my 3D T.V; I figured if it was really bad, I could at least be entertained by the 3D. Everything in my body told me this was going to be horrible, but I will honestly admit that I was pleasantly surprised; it was a pretty decent horror flick. Unlike ‘Shark Night 3D’, the special effects and 3d filming were fantastic!!! There were a lot of interesting characters that gave me a reason to watch and actually care about who died. In a fast-paced movie, there was a lot of action and suspense that left you wondering who was going to die, and when. The movie focuses on a group of people who get trapped in a grocery store after a Tsunami hits the coast of Australia; and of course, it is at the same time that sharks begin their migration towards the coast of Australia. So while the group tries to find all survivors and get out of the store, they run into a 12-foot Great White Shark! The movie, stars Xavier Samuel (Twilight saga, ‘The Loved Ones’) as Josh, the lead character and “hero” throughout the movie. Although the realism of this movie is a long shot, I still think it was very well done; I mean, why pay for reality when we live it? It is always fun to see a filmmaker take a risk and have fun with a movie. I would definitely recommend that “shark fans” check this film out; it is no ‘Jaws’ and no shark movie ever will be; However, it was a fun ride filled with a lot of gore and scares! 4/5 stars

“Mr. Guts”


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‘Chernobyl Diaries’ was a movie that I was expecting to blow me a way, and while it was not horrible by any means, the new standards set by the new generation of young movie fans have caused writers to adapt their visions. By this I mean that the writers of horror movies realize they have very little time to create a story line because they understand movie goers have no patience. The film starts out with 5 tourists (Paul, Chris, Michael, Amanda, Zoe) who meet while preparing to go on an “extreme” tour of the Chernobyl nuclear reactor, led by the crazy tour guide, Uri. While I was watching this movie in the theaters and with my friends, I could sense that they were getting very restless and wanted someone or something to die, and die fast. When first entering Chernobyl, the group tours the former homes of the workers and the area around the plant. The thing I found most disappointing is that there was no lead up to the horror that would eventually leave viewers breathless. At the first night fall, the tour van breaks down and the tourists are stuck in Chernobyl. Eventually the driver decides to get help but gets attacked by animals, which end up being a pack of wild dogs. Chris goes after Uri, only to come back with a horrible wound on his leg. Come day light, 3 of the group members attempt to find Uri, while Zoe stays with Chris. While looking for him, the group runs into a trail of blood, which they obviously follow. They find Uri’s body in one of the underground complexes; they take his gun and just barely escape a group of mutants, which are only shadows at that point. They go back to find that the van has been completely destroyed, with Chris and Zoe nowhere to be found. At this point, all hell breaks loose; while searching for their missing friends, the group goes deeper into Chernobyl and finds more mutants and closed down labs. Without spoiling it too much, two of the members escape but are terribly poisoned by the radiation (not the ending). To me, the ending was predictable; I do not mind that it was predictable, but I think it could have been handled better. So many movies nowadays are 90 minutes long because viewers are just not patient! Movies like ‘The Exorcist’ would never survive in today’s world; this is a classic and very terrifying movie that would never get a chance. I enjoyed the acting; the screams were very real and you could sense the fear in their eyes. There were a few notable scenes that I found terrifying, and would not consider to be cheap scares. I really liked how the director left the mutants to our imagination until the very end; the most terrifying part was not being able to see the creatures. There were times when the screen moved so quickly that all you saw was a quick shadow, which resulted in screams from the crowd and the tourists. I would not define this as a zombie movie; I consider this to be unique all the way until the end (which I will not reveal). This movie had so much potential; as a horror fan I give it a 3.5/5..however, I am going to take into account the fact that the writers knew they could not leave the audience hanging for too long. For this, I give the movie a solid 4/5.

“Mr. Blood”


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Let me start out by saying that when ‘Quarantine’ came out in 2008 I was shaking to the core. The effects were so realistic and the acting was phenomenal! I recently gave the sequel, ‘Quarantine 2: Terminal’ a go yesterday on fearnet ondemand. I had such high hopes that this could live up to the original, or at least be a respectable sequel. Well….I was wrong; the sequel for me lacked everything that the original had. It was very slow paced, lacked a lot of good “real” scares that the original had; it also had a very predictable ending. The only thing I found interesting about this film was it made references to the original apartment from quarantine part 1. I hate when sequels do not reference the original movie; might as well be a completely different franchise. Other than that scene, I was really disappointed. I recommend you only watch the original or just stick with the REC franchise, as it is much better. 4/10. The 4 represents the gore and the reference to the first film, which made it possible to tolerate the rest of the movie.

“Mr Guts”