While the Director’s and I have not yet discussed a contest for free merchandise, you can get yourself prepared for the new face of terror by voting on the design for ‘Sledge’ shirts!!! I will keep you updated on new items and I will post a contest as soon as we figure out the details! In the mean time, show your support and turn an entire generation of horror fans into “SLEDGEHEADS”!!! Kristian and John value your opinion!!

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While the Director’s and I have not yet discussed a contest for free merchandise, you can get yourself prepared for the new face of terror by voting on the design for ‘Sledge’ shirts!!! I will keep you updated on new items and I will post a contest as soon as we figure out the details! In the mean time, show your support and turn an entire generation of horror fans into “SLEDGEHEADS”!!! Kristian and John value your opinion!!

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‘Sledge’ introduces a new legend; a classic campfire story that will become the new face of terror! Heads will roll from beginning to end with skull crushing deaths that will leave you begging for more. This film puts an end to remakes and introduces the new standards for originality and humor in a slasher film. Adam Lynch is completely different than any other killer that has been introduced into the horror genre; some killers are pure psychopaths, some are out for revenge, and some are the living dead who will never stop. Adam Lynch is motivated by insanity; this man is the only killer in cinema who is unable to distinguish reality from fantasy. Lynch believes he lives in a movie and video game world where people are there for the main purpose of killing; they are objects that he simply adds to his collection. Although this sounds like a bizarre vision for a serial killer, the movie is giving the fans what they want, which is fun, scares, and originality. Sex, drugs, alcohol, and teenagers are all the ingredients needed for a fun filled slasher film. Adam Lynch is an old legend that the teenagers talk about as they enter a secluded campground for a good time; a night of sex, drugs, and alcohol will not be worth the nightmare they face the next day. One by one the teenagers are stalked and killed in the most heinous, gruesome, and hilarious ways; blood will be shed and heads will fly; so make sure you have an extra pair of underwear, cause you will not want to miss this!


Very few films allow you to become a part of the movie and feel as though you are appreciated as a fan. Well, this is not the case when it comes to the upcoming movie ‘Sledge’. Director’s Kristian Hanson and John Sovie II understand the importance of fans, and realize that entertaining fans is the only motivation for making movies. Of course writers and directors are talented and share their visions with the world; they deserve credit for putting themselves out there and withstanding the criticism until they find the right kind of audience that truly appreciates everything they bring to cinema. But understand this, without fans, the film industry would be nothing! In order to create a film entirely for the fans, you have to be willing to take a risk, you have to be willing to go outside the lines and just have fun. Forget about what other people think and just focus on what your fan base wants, because that is truly what it is all about. It’s not just about the Money, John and Kristian love to keep in contact with fans and get their feedback; they want to ensure everyone is having a good time. Fame is about honoring your fan base and keeping in touch with the public.

Become a “SLEDGEHEAD” and support the return of classic films that make you scream and laugh!

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Written Kristan Hanson and Directed by John Sovie II and Kristian Hanson



If you are expecting a serious and intense movie, I am sorry to say that you have come to the wrong place! When is the last time we had fun in the theater? I honestly cant remember the last time people have jumped out of their chairs, grabbed their boyfriends arm, and didn’t know whether to scream or cry! ‘SLEDGE’ has brought the 80’s back and there will be plenty of laughs.

80’s brought films that saw the same characters time after time being slaughtered in a creative, but overdone way. Tits and ass were what made the 80’s. ‘Friday the 13th’ introduced the sexual drive in every teenage male and female; the same drive that led them to swim naked and walk around the house without a shirt. Although this is completely unrealistic, we thank the creators for introducing us to an era filled with slutty women being slaughtered, and men that were too busy trying to get laid to notice a 6 foot 5 man in a hockey mask. Yes, the victims always ran up the stairs or out into the secluded woods, and of course they always slipped! Did it make audiences yell and scream at the stupid bitch? Of course it did, but we also appreciated the slut was about to get cut in half. Killer always seemed to walk; it was a good approach and added suspense to the film, but made it hard to believe that Jason or Michael Myers could ever catch up with the person.

Recent horror has not changed one bit; teenagers are still stupid, they still drink, and they still have sex in the woods for no reason, and fans LOVE IT!! Jason and Michael Myers are unstoppable forces; Jason gets blown up, sent to hell and then ends up in space..ARE YOU FUCKIN WITH ME??? You are telling me that we are going to ignore all the other sequels and just pretend Jason never went to hell? Ok, I guess that makes sense considering that is what slasher movies do. But it is a new age, we have to take it a step further; we have to send Jason to space where he once again gets blown up and just happens to fall on a machine that can rebuild his missing limbs and make him part cyborg. Ok, well, it is clear that people arent trying anymore…but oh, people still went to see it and I am ashamed to say I found it entertaining. Now, we all LOVE ‘Halloween’ and if you say you don’t you are a fuckin liar!! At what point did it go wrong? oh thats right, after the first one! The best was when we entered the 21st century and saw Busta Rhymes do some form of black man karate and look like a complete faggot. Eventually, Michel Myers falls into a bunch of electrical lines and dies (not really) but he is defeated at that point in the movie. So; Michael gets shot six times, burned, shot a few more times, beat with a pipe until some weird green ooze came out of his mask (what the fuck was that about?) but the final movie ends with him getting caught in electric lines and moving around like a fuckin puppet while being electrocuted?….good job! And as we enter the world of Freddy..umm, fuck him, too easy! But man, what a fun ride we had with them!!!

So as I bitch about everything wrong with these movies, i still find myself buying them and wishing they were still around. Something has to be said for the cheesy lines, horrible acting, and the amazing ways that Jason gets brought back to life in each movie..i mean, come on..that is fuckin epic!! Movies these days are just not the same; dont get me wrong, i LOVE torture porn movies, but I miss Jason, Michael Myers, Freddy, and all the  other cheesy killers. Oh, and we have to love the fact that almost all these movies take place at a camp!! I dont know about you, but if a billion people died in the woods, im thinking I would tell camping to go fuck itself. But again, without these stupid fuckin people, we would be lost and the horror genre would have faded away! So here is to the movies that we still love; yes, they are cheesy, but we need to be able to have fun  at the movies. We must welcome the crazy imaginations of writers! “Why so serious?”

Let the madness begin! ‘SLEDGE’ introduces Adam Lynch, an insane killer who in unable to distinguish reality from fiction. He lives in a world where everything is a video game; people are just pawns, they are just pieces of flesh that he must add to his collection. The Legend of Adam Lynch has been told for years around the camp fire (sound familiar?) but no one seems to believe the legend is true…hmmm, I wonder where this is going. If you dont know, I will tell you; this is bringing back the 80’s and the stupid teenagers that came with it. There has been no evolution when it comes to teenage intelligence and the way they act, so why try and hide it? Give the people what they want! I want a movie where I can laugh, scream (not like a bitch) and have a good time! With every human face that Adam Lynch collects, we can all sit an wonder how the fuck he learned how to do that..i mean, did he go to medical school? OMG I LOVE SLASHER FILMS!!

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One puzzle, endless combinations!!!

 On December 21, 2012 the Mayans believed that there would be a transition from one World Age into another; whether we choose to resist or accept the change would determine whether or not the transition will be catastrophic. In 2013, The Pyramid chooses for us!

 ‘The Pyramid’ is an anthological horror movie divided into four horrific tales that are strictly connected to an infernal object: a bizarre pyramid that came into our world to spread madness, death and destruction.  Throughout history, the pyramid was the focus of series of terrifying events that had people questioning their faith. As centuries passed, in order to free the world of pure evil, ancient civilization ensured that The Pyramid became a myth and nothing more. However, evil is rising from where it was buried and is no longer a secret. You can burn it, bury it, and pray that it goes away; but evil never dies.

 Found by chance; an ordinary citizen has no idea the malevolent series of events that the world will now face. The Pyramid is the key to opening the gates of hell; once evil rises there is no stopping its lust for blood, death, and souls. The souls and fear of the innocent empowers this ancient force. Each one of the four chapters contribute  to The Pyramid increasing the punishing forces necessary to cause destruction and once again open the gates of Hell; The Pyramid brings with it demonic forces that walk the earth in order to fulfil the prophecy. The human race has survived the plague, the alignment of the planets, and the Mayan calendar. Do we have the will power to once again survive death and destruction; or will The Pyramid unleash hell upon earth and lead to the apocalypse?

 With unlimited powers and eternal lust for blood, Hell is among us and we are all sinners!

 The TRUE Apocalypse begins 1/??/2013! The human race will face extinction as Hell’s Gates begin to open; Will the world as we know it vanish?

Visualizing Hell on Earth: Five things to know about

‘The Pyramid’

1) ‘THE PYRAMID’ represents the strength and passion of the group of artists that put their heart and soul into creating this movie. The production of this film represents the Italian independent scene; in fact, each individual segment will be filmed in different parts of Italy in order to prove that horror is alive and kicking. Evil exists; its wrath can be felt throughout the country. The ambitious project is born from the collaboration of five young independent Italian directors: Alex Visani, Antonio Zannone, Luca Alessandro and the duo Roberto Albanesi & Simone Chiesa.
Each one of them will give birth to an episode of terror generated by ‘The Pyramid’.

2) The movie was filmed in both English and Italian for the purpose of involving the Italian and international market.

3) The official FACEBOOK page will take you inside all the news surrounding the movie. https://www.facebook.com/thepyramid.themovie

4) “The Pyramid” is a truly passionate tribute to “Hellraiser” (and the infinite genius of Clive Barker) and also to one of the masters of cinema, Mario Bava. I would also like to recognize an underrated and fairly unknown young Italian director of the 90’s, Fabio Salerno. Fabio is responsible for the cult classic “Notte Profonda (Deep Night)”. While I try to take on the visions of other artists,‘The Pyramid’ is unique and creates an identity of its own. There are a lot of horror and gore sub-genres mixed inside “The Pyramid”; I find that bringing all these different aspects to the movie will allow fans of different genres to find something they like. People will find psychological, possession, and supernatural themes when watching this movie; ‘The Pyramid’ even includes scenes that are inspired by cannibal and zombie movies. ‘The Pyramid’ will bring the audience inside; allowing them to experience the apocalypse!

5) “The Pyramid” is an independent and “low budget” horror film. The budget for ‘The Pyramid’ is estimated around about 50.000 euros but we made it in co-production with a lot of professionals (fx artists, 3d animators, cinematographers, musicians and technicians) so we were able to contain a lot of high additive costs.

The Pyramid is produced by my own company:  Empire Video.



We are a product of our environment; psychological defects can be the result of how we grew up and the trauma we experience at a young age.

Borderline Personality Disorder: A condition in which people have long-term patterns of unstable emotions or pure rage, caused by sexual abuse or lack of communications in the household. Their behavior may reflect negative feelings of themselves or others.

Tom Six’s Human Centipede 2 is by far one of the most disturbing movies I have ever seen; yes it has a lot of violence and gore, but the worst part to me is the fact that every single part of Martin’s personality can be diagnosed. His goal throughout this movie is to create a centipede out of 12 random people; to him this would be a beautiful masterpiece, almost a form of art. Martin, the villain in the film, is not always displaying random behavior; for the most part, he has a reason for every action taken and his personality is influenced by everything that he has had to endure throughout his entire life. This man is not insane; Martin is simply an example of how our environment can create what society views as pure evil. When fantasies are no longer an escape from reality, one must create a reality that reflects fantasy.

Borderline Personality Disorder does not lead to the type of behavior Martin displayed throughout the movie; it is more of a starting point that can escalate as his life becomes more depressing and wasteful. First impressions are everything; it is quite possible that Martin associates pain with sexual pleasure as a result of being molested and most likely sodomized. These disorders of sexual arousal are called paraphilias; this means that sexual arousal occurs almost exclusively with the use of inappropriate objects or in the presence of an inappropriate individual. Martin experienced a real life fantasy when he first watched Human Centipede; the pain that was inflicted on the characters as he watched is what truly turned him on. However, watching was not enough, and Martin needed to experience that pain. He wanted to be a part of the movie and tried to duplicate the same level of pain by masturbating with sandpaper; only this was not pain, this was pleasure. People who suffer from sexual disorders tend to compulsively masturbate; he might masturbate anywhere between 3 to 6 times a day or however many times his body allows. Because of the objects/materials used, it is likely that Martin’s genitals are mutilated and the ejaculation process is quite painful. His urine is shown as a dark red color so it is possible that his semen is discolored as well; this could be the result of sexual abuse (sodomy) or all the trauma from his childhood. The human centipede became a fetish; Martin used this as porn (although it clearly is not), made a scrapbook, and even hid pictures under his mattress. This fetish was too much for Martin to handle; in his mind, creating his own human centipede and making Dr. Heiter (first film) proud would be the ultimate high and give him the sexual arousal that fantasies no longer could. At this point, Martin’s sexual disorder has escalated to sexual masochism; this is when someone loves to inflict pain on himself as a way to become aroused or reach a certain high.


              “There is a difference between what should be filmed and what should be seen”-Laurence Harvey.

            Everyone should have the opportunity to create a film that allows their imagination to run loose; an opportunity to make a unique piece of art. We have full discretion when determining what we watch; if something is offensive, choose not to watch, but don’t make that decision for everyone.

“Martin views Dr. Heiter (First film) as a father figure that he wants to make proud; part of making him proud would be to mirror his actions and complete the ultimate human centipede. The victims represent how others have treated Martin; he sees them as segments of the centipede and nothing more. Martin’s actions mirror his power fantasy; this is not about sex, this is about being powerful and being worthy of following in the footsteps of Dr. Heiter. Martin kills at the end because his victims ruined his “art”. He is very disappointed that Miss Yennie (actress from first movie) does not appreciate everything he has done; he feels betrayed. Martin had this obsession with Miss Yennie and felt she would be happy and proud; he felt they had this special connection. “I love you and there for you are mine” is the mindset of Martin; that is how he views a relationship. This line represents what the majority of pubescent males think. Martin is unusual as his views of sexuality remains ‘fixed’ at this stage”-Laurence Harvey

“The Pain and sexuality link comes from his development in a household where his father’s sexual activity caused him pain. Thus Martin associates adult sexuality with pain located inside his own body. While Martin’s genitals may show signs of damage, they are not permanently deformed by his activities, as we can plainly see. The blood in his urine comes from being kicked in the kidneys; it is the aftermath of the neighbor’s attack on him. Obviously ‘The Human Centipede’ is not porn, but Martin does use it as porn, becoming aroused by Heiter’s masterful imposition of his imagination on others. And by the wonders of successful  (artistic) creation”-Laurence Harvey.

“Tom Six did speak with psychologists but purposely left out a diagnosis; I work with young adults that have disabilities and do not want to exploit them. Martin is a fictional character that does not represent anyone that suffers from a personality disorder or mental disability.”-Laurence Harvey.

 Laurence believes this was all about power while I stated he got sexual pleasure from fulfilling his fantasy. Our views are similar but we have a different theory about his overall mindset. Laurence really looked into the lack of parental guidance and how crucial a father figure is for a young boy; this is something I did not spend much time on, but now realize the importance. Laurence created a complete childhood for Martin, along with other abuse that he probably faced while growing up. I focused on the facts given, but I realize that the untold background is just as important. I could agree that Martin loved the power he felt; the power just contributed to sexual arousal. Sexually motivated crimes are not always about sexual intercourse, they are about any actions that can lead to some sort of sexual high. More differences in our views can be seen in the full article! Was a pleasure working with Laurence; he is extremely intelligent and I learned a lot from him. His experience in the field has made this a great article.

The full interview and article can be seen in my upcoming book ‘Inside the minds of cinemas most horrific Psychopaths’. It is a work in progress but I have had great support from Laurence Harvey (Human Centipede 2) Kristian Hanson (Sledge) and the Cast/Crew of Madison County, Eric England Ace Marrero, Natalie Scheetz, and Matt Mercer! Next “sneak peek” will be dissecting ‘Damien’, the animalistic killer in ‘Madison County’

Would also like to thank @Collector594 and @Silentecko929

All diagnosis are for the specific purpose of relating horror to real life; in no way does this represent anyone that suffers from borderline personality disorder.



Joseph Forsberg

Madison-County-Review  If you’re there, you’re already dead!

Alright everyone, I have been doing a lot of research on what Movies/shows I will be submitting to bloodydisgusting for my Psychology&Horror segment. Everyone has been pretty clear that for this weeks segment they want “Bloodyface” from ‘American Horror Story: Asylum’. Well, everyone knows to give the people what they want so I have started my segment that will be posted later this week. Now, because this show is so popular, I thought I could have some fun with it! I mentioned before that I have been doing research; well, during that I discovered just how brilliant the movie ‘Madison County’ really is! Stick with me, it gets better! I spoke with the Writer and cast members and really got a better idea for what the movie truly represents and what it is trying to accomplish. Because of this, I want to promote and give everyone one an opportunity to watch it again or see it for the first time. Once you see it, you can submit your entry for the ‘Best Caption Contest’ for the picture displayed above. Whoever wins will get their opinion (quote or small paragraph) of “Bloodyface” included in my Psychology&Horror segment that will be posted on bloodydisgusting!! It is a great way to get your voice heard and promote your favorite show!! In return, I will have had the opportunity to promote a movie that i very much enjoy! EMAIL your entries to bloodnguts666@gmail.com.  Only followers of @MadisonCoFilm and @bloodnguts666 qualify!! ‘Madison County’ is now available on Netlfix! So go ahead and let your imagination roll! Entertain me with a caption and impress me with your opinion of “Bloodyface”.

Please do not post your entries on the site as you will be putting yourself at a disadvantage! People could steal your idea!



Joseph Forsberg (Mr. Blood).